Tim Hortons – Calgary, Alberta

Recently while going around the industrial area in the southeast, we came across a new Tim Hortons that recently opened. It’s pretty easy to find as it’s close beside the gas station at the corner of 52nd Street and 106 Avenue.

We just went in for a quick drink and I decided I was going to have their Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I asked for no whipped cream. It was pretty delicious and quite minty! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The atmosphere was really comfortable as we sat in front of an electric fireplace that lets out absolutely no heat – but it’s good as kids won’t get burned.

Overall, it as a pleasant experience but I think they’re still too new to get their own system where they can accommodate lots of customers. I’m sure they’ll get into their rhythm and groove soon!

Tim Hortons on Urbanspoon

Tim Hortons

10810 50th Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 570-8258

Tim Hortons – Peach Mango Real Fruit Smoothie

I was looking for something cold and refreshing, and of course delicious! We stopped at my favourite place – Tim Hortons and I stood there as a screen was playing in front of me for their Peach Mango Frozen Smoothie and so I ordered one!

This fruit smoothie was great! I even watched them make it! They start with some juice puree and then they use the frozen ice to top off the cup – and then they mix it together! I know it doesn’t sound great, but it tasted good, and that’s what matters! You can taste both peach and mango – and it wasn’t overly sweet or anything! I didn’t try it with the yogurt, as I wanted it more like a slushie! I loved it! This maybe what I order on hot days from here on in!

Tim Hortons – Maple Shortbread Cookie

It sure seems like Maple Flavour is filling the season! Tim Hortons has brought back their Maple flavoured cookies – the Maple Shortbread Cookie, which I adore! The moment this cookie hits the table, you could instantly smell the intense scent of maple. When I first experienced this, I thought the cookie would be really sweet – and it’s actually not bad at all, as it was toned down by them using the shortbread cookie.

I love that Tim Hortons cookies aren’t the prettiest – it seems more “homemade” when it’s not perfect cookie cutter shaped, even though I’m sure it’s still out of a giant factory!

This cookie is a sweeter cookie, and I like it with my tea, and I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful treat with milk! Nothing in this world is better than milk and cookies!