Eggoasis Crowfoot – Calgary, Alberta

December 16th, 2014

We decided to go for breakfast at Eggoasis in Crowfoot where there was plenty of parking. The place is pretty big and before you know it – you’re waiting for a table. This place is busy, but their service isn’t that quick either – so just be prepared!

Once we got seated, I decided to order a Hot Chocolate with no whipped cream, and it came in a beautiful cup. It wasn’t as hot as I know hot chocolate to be – which meant it was cold by the time my meal got here. I guess if you asked for whipped cream, it would fill up the rest of the glass and probably insulate it better.

I didn’t know which Eggs Benedict I wanted, but I knew that was what I wanted to try. I ended up opting for their Forrester’s Eggs Benedict which was their eggs benny with mushrooms, swiss cheese and meat – where I picked sausages inside my eggs benny. It was tastier than it sounds! I asked for a soft poached egg and it came out perfect and runny! I wasn’t in love with the hollandaise sauce, but I really loved the potatoes!

My husband went for an omelette, he picked the Hunter’s Omelette which an omelette with bacon, ham and sausage and some Swiss cheese. He loved it and devoured it after he got some Tabasco sauce! It was tasty and the eggs was cooked really nicely!

Overall, it was a decent meal. It’s not the best, but also not the worse. The location was nice, the atmosphere was comfortable, and the prices was about average for a breakfast/lunch location. We enjoyed our company the most, and that was the best part of our visit!

Eggsoasis on Urbanspoon

Eggsoasis – Crowfoot Crossing

10 Crowfoot Terrace NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 460-0286

Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe – High River, Alberta

December 15th, 2014

We’ve been meaning to drive out to High River, AB to eat at Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe for quite some time now – basically after I first heard of them on Foot Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here”. So, we had an afternoon where we didn’t know where we wanted to eat – and here we were!

We sat down by the diner bar and was greeted immediately. The entire team of staff was very attentive, friendly and quick! We started with a bowl of Beef & Barley Soup which was loaded with barley and had tons of soft and tender pieces of beef. I don’t normally love thick soups full of “stuff”, but this one I really enjoyed!

We also wanted to try their Strawberry Milkshakes as I love milkshakes from small towns. I claim they’re different and much more delicious! I was right – it was rich and creamy with the nice consistency and enough strawberry flavours. I believe I read somewhere stating they make their own ice cream, but I’m not sure…

Of course, if there’s perogies on the menu, chances are I will order it. I had an order of their Perogies which was absolutely amazing. Both the skin and filling was perfect and then with the onions and bacon – you couldn’t go wrong anywhere! It was definitely one of the best!

I ordered off their daily special and it actually came with a Cabbage Roll as well. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but once you cut into it – the world of aweseomeness came through. The texture of the filling was nice and it wasn’t dry at all. It had meat and rice in it and it was firm, while the cabbage was sweet and tender. It was nice!

From there, we ordered their Beef Stew also off their daily special. It came in a pretty good size bowl with almost a beef soup looking stew. It was still very hearty and delicious and tons of beef flavour. The vegetables were cooked perfectly as they were tender but not mush! They have the best bread as well!

Just in case we thought we didn’t eat enough, we decided to try a slice of their Pumpkin Pie and it was special! It was darker than pumpkin pie I’m use to seeing, but it was a nice texture. The crust was excellent and we devoured this dessert!

Overall, this was such a fabulous place I look forward to returning. It was a lot of fun, the food was top notch, the service was excellent and the prices were amazing! So, no complaints from anywhere! Can’t wait to return to see the train go around the restaurant again!

Evelyn's Memory Lane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe

118 4 Ave SW
High River, AB
(403) 652-1887

Brown Sugary Bakeshop – Okotoks, Alberta

December 15th, 2014

My coworkers know how much I love cinnamon buns and when they had an opportunity to tell me about Brown Sugar Bake Shop, I went there at my first opportunity! It’s located on the North end of Okotoks right in a strip plaza near Drake Landing.

Once we figured out what we wanted, as there was a lot to choose from, I decided I was going for their Caramel Sticky Buns which was heavenly! It was really light and fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness from the caramel! It wasn’t a small piece either, everything about it was just perfect!

Then, for some savoury food, we ordered their Taco Beef Bun which was absolutely amazing! It was seriously beef taco in a bun instead of a taco shell. I think I enjoyed this more than a taco! The meat inside was well seasoned and flavoured to taste like beef that you would find in a taco. The bun, again was light and fluffy – but not so light where it just falls apart.

Then, their soup of the day was Chicken Taco Soup which does sound redundant with the options we picked in savoury selection – but everything was so different and delicious! The soup was hearty and well seasoned and made me want to make something like it at home right away!

Overall, a fabulous experience with great food and service. There was a lot of customers that came in just for the sticky buns, so you can tell it was a good one! I know we’ll be back as I enjoyed them so much and there was lots of other goodies I would love to try in their display case. The even have a wide selection of gluten-free products for those who need it!

Brown Sugar Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

Brown Sugar Bake Shop

#109 – 235 Milligan Drive
Okotoks, AB
(403) 982-9878

Tim Hortons – Calgary, Alberta

December 12th, 2014

Recently while going around the industrial area in the southeast, we came across a new Tim Hortons that recently opened. It’s pretty easy to find as it’s close beside the gas station at the corner of 52nd Street and 106 Avenue.

We just went in for a quick drink and I decided I was going to have their Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I asked for no whipped cream. It was pretty delicious and quite minty! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The atmosphere was really comfortable as we sat in front of an electric fireplace that lets out absolutely no heat – but it’s good as kids won’t get burned.

Overall, it as a pleasant experience but I think they’re still too new to get their own system where they can accommodate lots of customers. I’m sure they’ll get into their rhythm and groove soon!

Tim Hortons on Urbanspoon

Tim Hortons

10810 50th Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 570-8258

Pho Tai Vietnamese Noodle House – Calgary, Alberta

December 12th, 2014

We found ourselves up North as we were looking to try Pho Tai, as our friends has recommended this place to us for a new dish we’ve never tried.

Once we were seated, they put us in the first table on the left – which they forgot about us. What was going to be a quick lunch turned a little long and almost painful as they didn’t bother to take our order. But, when we finally ordered, I got their Vietnamese Chicken Sweet and Sour Soup which has been a new soup that I’ve started to love. They are always bigger portions than the regular pho soups – but usually sweet from pineapples and sour from their Elephant Ear stems, but now days they tend to use lime juice.

The new dish we came to try was their Vietnamese Crispy Crepe which was like a fried egg omelette with pork, shrimp and fresh herbs inside. Then you have lettuce on the side with their fish sauce mixture and you eat it together. I’m not sure how you eat it, but we took ours apart and ate it like a messy salad.

Overall, the food was decent – it wasn’t the best, but it was neat as there was unique items on their menu, which make them special. The people we dealt with in the restaurant was Chinese, so I’m not sure if their kitchen was authentic Vietnamese. The service was a little poor, but we got what we came here for. I think the prices was high for a Vietnamese restaurant, however these were special items ordered – so a bit higher does make sense!

Pho Tai Vietnamese Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Pho Tai Vietnamese Noodle House

3168 Sunridge Blvd NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 769-9401

Starbucks – Banff, Alberta

December 12th, 2014

We were strolling the streets in Banff, along Banff Avenue when we decided we would warm up with some festive drinks inside Starbucks. It’s a great location as it’s super busy but they’re pretty speedy about getting your drinks to you! I sat down and all I wanted was their new Chestnut Praline Latte which is a new seasonal favourite of mine as I use to love nothing more than their Eggnog Latte.

My husband enjoyed their Gingerbread Latte and he enjoyed it as it was really subtlety sweet and it actually has the taste of gingerbread cookies – which was excellent! Overall, this was the perfect place to warm ourselves up during this holiday season!

Starbucks on Urbanspoon

Starbucks – Banff

225 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB
(403) 760-8777

Applebee’s – Calgary, Alberta

December 7th, 2014

I actually use to go to Applebee’s in Harvest Hills a lot in the past. We decided to go back, but this time for lunch. We use to go with some friends for dinner all the time, and figured we’d go back. It’s not a bad place and now they have 2 Can Dine for $30 special – that’s what we went for!

This special comes with an appetizer where we ordered the Chicken Wonton Tacos which was wonton skins deep fried to make a taco shell, stuffed with seasoned chicken and topped with an Asian Slaw. It was a neat take on a taco and at first bite, it seemed a little flavourless, but when you ate the entire thing together, it was really tasty as the chicken was really well seasoned.

The first entree we ordered with this special was their Classic Meat Lasagna which was like your typical lasagna with pasta sheets and meat sauce, topped with mozzarella and ricotta and marinara sauce and baked till golden and delicious.

The last entree we got was the Fiesta Lime Chicken which was grilled chicken with rice and tortilla strips. The chicken was a large piece of chicken breast with a ranch sauce and cheese. There was salsa on the side and thankfully they put it in a separate dish as it was really watery.

Overall, it as a pleasant experience here and the special made it a really good deal. Service was a little slow, but the food was hot, fresh and delicious. We didn’t have much complaints at all, so it was good in general.

Applebee's on Urbanspoon


707 388 Country Hills Blvd
Calgary, AB
(403) 226-6160

ABC Country Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

December 7th, 2014

I’ve been to ABC Country a few times now and I really enjoy their breakfasts! The staff is always friendly and quick, and the food is always excellent. The portions are quite large and everything tastes really fresh! The location is easy to find with plenty of parking – which makes it ideal any time of day!

On this visit, I decided to try their Western Omelette and it was really delicious. The egg on the omelette was made really nicely, and it looks so perfect. The omelette was stuffed full with ham, mushrooms and cheese! It was a delicious masterpiece!

My husband ordered their Steam & Eggs and he kept the order at 5oz sirloin and added a side of sausage. The steak was cooked well, although the shape of the steak was really uneven, causing the doneness to be uneven. The edges were really thin while the centre was thick. The steak was tender and juicy – so at least that! The sausages were pretty good as well! I was raving about their farmers sausage and forgot to ask for that – but their regular sausages was quite delightful!

Overall, we had a great breakfast here and I’m sure I will be back! It’s a nice cozy place with large portions of delicious food and friendly staff.

ABC Country Restaurant on Urbanspoon

ABC Country Restaurant

11520 24 St SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 720-6600

Magpie & Stump Restaurant – Banff, Alberta

December 7th, 2014

We’ve been heading to Banff a lot more recently to get away from the city and this time we went to enjoy the Banff Santa Claus Parade of Lights. We stopped for dinner before the parade and went to Magpie & Stump where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner! Once inside, the place was already packed, and tons of tables were trying to get in-and-out before the start of the parade. We didn’t care if we missed it, but we were advised their kitchen was a little backed up from the amount of customers.

I felt like a sugary drink, without the alcohol so I got a Virgin Pina Colada which is one of my favourite drinks! It wasn’t the best one here, as it was fully of ice and watered down even at the start – so by the end, it was really quite flavourless.

We ordered their Spicy Shrimp Tostadas which was basically a large salad in between to large crispy corn tortillas, topped with a bed of pulled pork and spicy prawn. Then, it was topped with some delicious bbq sauce and lime crema. It was a large dish and very refreshing.

We also ordered their El Pollo Piquante Fajitas which was spicy grilled chicken with tomatoes, peppers, onions, queso and salsa on the side for you to build on flour tortillas. It was a fun, interactive dish which was delicious and quite spicy!

Overall, we loved this place, the service was quite good even when they’re so busy. The food was fresh and delicious and the location is really good as they’re right next to public parking. The food came out fast enough that we were able to eat, pay and get outside in time for the parade even though they warned us they’re backed up! So, they did an amazing job!

Magpie & Stump on Urbanspoon

Magpie & Stump

203 Caribou Street
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4067

Elk & Oarsman Pub & Grill – Banff, Alberta

December 4th, 2014

Every once in awhile we like to go into a local pub or bar for lunch. This time while traveling through Banff, we went and sat on the patio of Elk & Oarsman which was really nice. Although I don’t have a picture of the place, the view was phenomenon!

We sat down on this bring afternoon where I ordered myself a Virgin Caesar as it’s become a drink I love, especially if it’s spicy. It’s definitely spicy here with tons of flavour!

I ordered their Elk Poutine which was thick cut french fries with gravy, braised elk and cheese curds. A delicious combination of things I love! It was the perfect combination for this particular lunch! There was actually a lot of french fries in this order and we didn’t actually finish the entire plate – we did eat up all the elk though!

My husband ordered the Lamb Shank and it was a giant piece of braised lamb in Cabernet honey jus. It was tender, juicy and tasty! Although the picture doesn’t look as appetizing, it was a great piece of lamb shank!

Our overall experience here was phenomenal and it’s no wonder why they’re always so busy! They have great food and service and the location is ideal – right on Banff Ave!

Elk & Oarsman Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

Elk & Oarsman Pub & Grill

119 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4616