Green Bamboo Peking House – Pincher Creek, AB

July 31st, 2014

Although we haven’t ventured much into the Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass area, we have started to venture in that direction more lately. We were looking for lunch one afternoon and found ourselves on Main Street of Pincher Creek – and we walked into the first restaurant after we parked – which turns out to be Green Bamboo Peking House which is a spacious restaurant that can seat many people, owned and ran by Chinese.

As standard Asians, we’d order tea. On this particular day, there was no smorg, but their buffet was a big one with many options! I’m sure we’ll be back one day to try it out! As this was just a lunch, we ordered a Wor Wonton to split and it was really good! Although it looks plain and empty, there’s a good portion of wontons in there and the soup base had a lot of taste, the vegetables were really fresh!

We also decided to order Singapore Style Noodles and it was packed with flavour with a good kick to it! The shrimp and bbq pork was really tasty and good portions of that as well. The noodles weren’t too greasy and it wasn’t all short pieces of rice noodles either.

Overall, we enjoyed it here. With sitting in the car for a long time, it didn’t make us feel sick as it wasn’t greasy. The dishes were well seasoned and there was actually a lot of customers at the odd time when we went! Hopefully their smorg is awesome!

Green Bamboo Peking House on Urbanspoon

Green Bamboo Peking House

757 Main Street
Pincher Creek, AB
(403) 627-5555

The Coup – Calgary, Alberta

July 31st, 2014

We went to The Coup for my sister-in-law’s birthday as this was a place she picked – which is great, I’ve never been here before! It’s a cute little place on 17th Avenue which caters to local & organic, and meat free!

We started our day with our drinks, where I ordered a Chocolate Chai and it was rather tasty. It’s not as spicy as I would like it, but it was a good blend.

I decided on ordering the Un-Traditional which turned out to be a plate of food that I actually liked quite a bit! It had scrambled eggs, toast, rosemary hashbrowns, king oyster mushroom bacon, smoked maple baked beans. I really enjoyed the rosemary hashbrowns, it was very tasty and quite different from other hashbrowns!

My husband had ordered the “un-baked” hippy split that was a mixture of granola with quinoa, banana, and hemp hearts made with almond milk. This bowl was actually quite tasty and really filling!

Our overall experience here was positive. It satisfied the meat lover in me and my husband – still leaving feeling satisfied and really full. It was a great place and now I know I can take my sister here when she visits as she’s vegan, it will be easier for her!

The Coup on Urbanspoon

The Coup

924 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 541-1041

Iron Skillet – Spokane, WA

July 28th, 2014

During our road trip, we stopped at a truck stop and decided to eat at Iron Skillet where we give nothing but positive reviews from our experience! We got some gas and parked in the parking lot to enjoy a quick dinner!

I ordered an odd drink, but it was delicious! It was their Strawberry Lemonade and it was a refreshing drink with fresh berries in it! It hit the spot perfectly as I probably needed some sugar after such a long drive.

I ordered something I figured I would love, their Meatloaf Mash Bowl which consisted of a few of my favourite things: meatloaf, corn, mashed potatoes & gravy! When it got here, it was as awesome as hoped! The meatloaf was flavourful, soft, tender and juicy. Mixed with the sweet corn, mashed potatoes and gravy – it was the best meal I’ve had in awhile!

My meal was not the only awesome one! My husband ordered their Corn Beef Hash Skillet which he loved as much as I loved my dinner. It had the shredded potato hashbrown which my husband loves with corn beef! His skillet was topped with eggs and cheese – it was the perfect combination!

As weird as this sounds, we’ll be back here next time we drive by, or perhaps a different Iron Skillet location. We’ve never heard of this chain, but we’ve experienced it and we’re not going back!

Iron Skillet

10506 West Aero Road
Spokane, WA 99224

Vimy’s Lounge and Grill – Waterton, Alberta

July 28th, 2014

While our visit in Waterton, we decided to have breakfast at Vimy’s Lounge and Grill which was located in behind the hotel we were staying at.

I ordered the Vimy’s Breakfast which had 2 eggs, maple sausage with toast and hashbrowns. The links of sausages were excellent! Both my husband and I approved such wonderful sausages!

The other breakfast we ordered was their Eggs Benny Poutine which was poached eggs on hashbrowns, covered with cheese and hollandaise sauce.

The overall experience here was quite amazing! The scenery inside and out was amazing, with wild animals just outside the door. The food, service and price was extraordinary!

Vimy's Lounge and Grill on Urbanspoon

Vimy’s Lounge and Grill

101 Clematis Ave
Waterton, AB
(403) 859-2150

Thirsty Bear Saloon – Waterton, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

We recently took a road trip and made it to Waterton where we called it a night. We weren’t too hungry but we figured we should go grab something to eat regardless, so we figured we’d go to their local place and grab some wings. We walked into Thirsty Bear Saloon outside the Bayshore Inn hotel.

Once we were inside, we were the only table, but apparently we were their first guests for the season! They just opened for the May long weekend, and it was pretty neat! It definitely looked like it was the place to go for both tourists and locals at the end of the night!

We just ordered our drinks and some Chicken Wings and we had them in Honey Garlic flavour which was very tasty! The wings were really good and quite unique as we were expecting a saucy wing but it wasn’t! We really enjoyed them dry and flavourful with some dipping sauce on the side.

We really enjoyed our experience here and we haven’t stopped talking about returning to the Waterton area soon again!

Thirsty Bear Saloon on Urbanspoon

Thirsty Bear Saloon

111 Waterton Ave
Waterton, AB
(403) 859-2211

La Boulangerie – Calgary, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

I still really love bakeries and cafes and when we drove by Le Boulangerie I knew I wanted to try this place and enjoy my snack on it’s patio. So, we parked our car and paid a fortune for coming here. I should’ve parked further away and taken a stroll over, but that’s the price I pay sometimes!

This cafe is quite popular and it’s busy! Even at the odd hour that we went, it seemed like it was packed. The selection of goodies inside was huge, but we opted out for our favourites as its just a little snack. You can order things from their hot menu items or sandwich items as well as their bakery/pastry selection. I decided to have their Hazelnut Eclair which looked quite delicious. I was worried about it being too sweet, but it was very subtle. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste very fresh although it was tasty. I could only imagine how wonderful it would be if it was fresh!

The other thing we ordered was their Almond Croissant which didn’t look that appealing. It did have almond flavour but it too wasn’t very fresh. It was quite crispy on the outside but it wasn’t light and fluffy on the inside. I’m not sure what’s going on, besides thinking it wasn’t too fresh.. or I was just overly excited and being to hopeful.

On a positive note, our drinks were very delightful! I ordered a cup of Chai Tea Latte and it was really fragrant and delectable! It was really nice to enjoy a nice hot drink on a breezy summer day on the patio!

My husband also enjoyed his Hot Chocolate which was decadent and delicious! Our drinks really hit the spot and it was good!

Overall, I think if I do return, I will order something from their savoury menu where they have to prepare it – like their crepes! Now that I read other customers reviews, it looks like crepes are a popular thing here! So, I could be back for that and some hot drinks!

La Boulangerie on Urbanspoon

La Boulangerie

2435 4 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 984-9294

Kiro Sushi – Calgary, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

We decided to go to Kiro Sushi for lunch this one afternoon, and we’re happy we did. Just located off 130th Avenue in the southeast, it makes it pretty easy to find dining options, so it was nice that we came here.

I found that the interior quite interesting and it reminded me with the interior that was here before Kiro came!

We started with some Spicy Tuna Sashimi which was quite spicy and the tuna was pretty good and very well seasoned.

Then, we had a little plate of Assorted Sushi with salmon, surf clams and inari! The sushi was quite satisfying!

One thing we love eating most is udon, so we ordered a bowl of Beef Udon, and when it came, it was a large bowl of soup. The beef wasn’t too tender but the flavours of the broth was quite delicious.

Just when we thought we were full, and we were ready to leave – we totally forgot we ordered the Pineapple Express sushi roll, which turned out to be the best dish of the visit!

Overall, it’s a nice sushi place to eat! It’s a nice sit down sushi place that offers decent food!

Kiro Sushi on Urbanspoon

Kiro Sushi

4600 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 726-9132

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎ – Airdrie, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

We found another small town restaurant that offers Chinese & Western buffet so we didn’t give up the oppertunity to try them out. This time, we found ourselves in Airdrie at the Starlight Chinese Restaurant located in a strip plaza off Yankee Valley Blvd with tons of parking, it’s a great location!

The buffet was a pretty decent sized buffet, with delicious options, but one thing that stood up for me was the quality of the food. Even with soups, they had both wonton soup and hot & sour soup!

The food here was really good and it actually got quite busy around the noon hour! It was a fabulous experience!

Overall, we loved the experience here and we know we’ll be back!

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎ on Urbanspoon

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎

960 Yankee Valley Blvd SE
Airdrie, AB
(403) 912-7887

Tea Funny – Calgary, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

We were looking for a gathering place for a bunch of us friends to gather for a little snack and someone mentioned to us we should go to Tea Funny located right on Centre Street. Parking isn’t the most convenient, but we found some street parking and walked on over.

Once we were inside, we noticed that their menu system is on an ipad which makes it kind of easy to order and personalize what you want. The ipads were a little damaged but they have the ipads embedded into the table where it can easily be damaged as you put food on top of it, or you can accidentally spill your drinks onto it. It was a very neat concept and modern!

I didn’t actually get a picture of my drink, but I ordered their Milk Tea with nothing in it as I really like Hong Kong style milk tea, and for some strange reason I always think places that are like this would have it. The drinks are quite delicious and they come in a good sized cup. We ordered some snacks to share and we started off with Chicken Wings and those were quite good! Really nicely fried and seasoned!

We also ordered some Fried Squid tentacles which is a dish I’ve always loved. It wasn’t done poorly here so that’s very exciting, although it was not the most tender it was still tasty.

The last thing we ordered and shared was some Fried Udon with Beef which wasn’t a large dish, but it’s a snack place, so it made sense. The prices were a little high, but the food was quite decent and the atmosphere is quite nice.

Overall, we enjoyed this place and we’ll probably be back especially during weekends and evenings when parking will be easier to find. I’m not sure about the winter though when the sidewalks will be piled up with snow, but we’ll see when time comes.

Tea Funny on Urbanspoon

Tea Funny

123-1323 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 978-5888

Cochrane Palace Restaurant – Cochrane, Alberta

July 27th, 2014

There’s something satisfying about small time Chinese/Western buffets which I know it as smorgs as we use to have a family restaurant in Medicine Hat. Now, as it’s not available to me, I find myself craving it, so we’re been driving around Alberta small towns looking for smorgs where we found one in Cochrane called Cochrane Palace near their downtown. Tons of parking and the space is large!

Once we were inside, we were seated for buffet and basically they release you to the buffet! There are tons of options at this buffet and their food was simple – which is how it’s suppose to be!

We had a few plates of food, tried their wonton soups and we left satisfied. The dim sum didn’t have a lot, but it’s something unique here as dim sum’s are not normally in Chinese/Western buffets!

We enjoyed the selection of food here as they offered some roast, some dim sum, and their fried foods was really well fried! I did find the food to be a little on the bland side, but a dallop of hot sauce can go a long way!

Cochrane Palace on Urbanspoon

Cochrane Palace Restaurant
22 Westside Drive
Cochrane AB Canada