Executive Royal Inn – Leduc Nisku, Alberta

August 18th, 2014

We got to stay at the Executive Royal Inn hotel in Leduc, Alberta which is just right outside of Edmonton – close to the Edmonton International Airport. We checked in quite late but we were lucky that the hotel was easy to find. It’s actually the hotel that says “INN” everywhere on it!

Once we checked into the room, it was really welcoming and the room was spacious and clean. The room offered basic amenities. This room has a nice LCD TV and a desk area for business workers.

The bed was a giant comfortable bed with really tall pillows! They were fluffy but they were firm! We did have a very restful sleep at the end so we were pleased!

The bathroom was quite nice as well – although it was weird the toilet seat was lifted when we got there. Most of the time when we check into a hotel, the cover is down. It was just a strange detail that caught my attention after doing the walk through. Like a lot of hotels out there, this one uses the luxiourious Bath and Body works amenities which I really like!

Our overall stay was good! Check in took a long time even though there was only 1 party ahead of us and 2 check-in agents. The bar service was really slow as well, but I’m staring to think it must be the atmosphere in this hotel. We did hear and see the train go by from our window but it wasn’t too bad!

Executive Royal Inn Leduc-Nisku at the Edmonton Airport

8450 Sparrow Drive
Leduc, Alberta

Sutton Place Hotel – Edmonton, Alberta

August 17th, 2014

During one of our stays in Edmonton, Alberta, we got to stay at The Sutton Place hotel in downtown Edmonton. The main entrance was a little confusing at first as it looked like it was the entrance to their restaurant – but it really was the front door.

We got checked into our room and we were on the top floor – which was pretty high on the 26th floor. The room itself was quite nice and the pool was a set of stairs right across the from elevators. Although I didn’t go and enjoy this pool, it was a quite a spectacular looking one!

The room was quite spacious and make it a comfortable stay. It offered your basic hotel amenities and that’s really all we ever ask for when we stay anywhere!

Our room had a large comfortable bed. It was really a good bed but there was some motor or something that made pumping noises throughout the night. I’m not sure if it’s from the elevator or from the pool above but it was loud and distracting.

The bathroom was pretty standard as well. Lots of counter top space and quite a large tub – even though we used the shower. The bathroom amenities were very nice as well.

Overall, the location of the hotel was really nice and the price was right. However, due to the noise level in the room – I got absolutely no sleep. I’m sure other rooms further down the hallway or on other levels won’t be so bad. Self parking costs just over $30/night as well, and it’s in an underground parkade. That elevator doesn’t even take you to the main lobby either, so it’s a little bit of a hike.

The Sutton Place – Edmonton, Alberta

10235 – 101 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada T5J 3E9


Sugarbowl – Edmonton, Alberta

August 12th, 2014

Edmonton is a neat place for dining and I must say, I don’t mind dining in Edmonton! We went for breakfast bright and early at the Sugarbowl and it was already busy with a bit of the lineup outside their doors. We decided that we didn’t really want to wait for a table inside – so we sat outside!

As we were outside on a breezy morning, I started with a nice cup of tea! The tea was quite unique as it wasn’t a brand I’ve seen before. It was quite fragrant but not overwhelming. I think it would have been nice with honey – I just put sugar in mine.

This restaurant is known for their Cinnamon Buns so I ordered one and it was the size of my head! Although it doesn’t look very appealing, it was very fresh and soft and fluffy. It tasted really delicious with brown sugar topping and butter on the side. It’s like a fresh loaf of cinnamon bread but better!

The other breakfast we ordered was their Chicken and Waffles and this was another great choice! The chicken was not greasy, well seasoned, and pan-fried to a nice tender crisp – and still super juicy! The waffles were light with a hint of sweetness. The maple butter was definitely a nice condiment and it completes the dish!

This was one of my favourite breakfast places in Edmonton. Although parking can be a bit tricky, we’ve been lucky enough to find street parking and the weather was nice enough for us to walk to. The service was a bit lacking – but what lacks in that department really makes up in the quality of food! I’m sure this is a place I will return to!

Sugarbowl on Urbanspoon

Sugarbowl Cafe

10922 88 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-8369

Peace River Garden Restaurant – Peace River, AB

August 12th, 2014

Another long trip means we were craving food at odd times. This time was around 4pm when we made it into Peace River and basically the only thing opened was Peace River Garden Restaurant which dishes out Chinese/Western food.

I felt like something light and soupy yet filling so I decided to order Wor Wonton and yes the bowl was as full as it looked! Complete with tons of veggies and at least 10 wontons, this was an awesome choice!

I’ve also been talking about Veal Cutlets lately and I guess I made my husband crave it. He was really excited that he saw it on the menu and ordered it. The waitress even giggled and asked why he’s not ordering Chinese food! His story is that I use to eat it in our old family restaurant… which is true, and has absolutely nothing to do with him. Oh well! :)

I gotta say, food and service was not bad! There were a few other tables that came in to eat during our odd hour visit. The owners knew a lot of their guests as well, so they got some loyal customers and that makes me happy!

Peace River Garden Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Peace River Garden Restaurant

10016 100 Street
Peace River, AB
(780) 624-1048

Pho Anh Huyen Noodle House – Calgary, AB

August 11th, 2014

We were off to another road trip when we figured we’d stop into Pho Anh Huyen for something to eat before we took off. The location isn’t hard to find, but it definitely has limited parking spots. Once you enter the door, it has a scent of “washrooms” which seems to have disappeared quickly.

We started off with Pork and Shrimp Salad Rolls and it’s not as good as my favourite place, but it was decent. The sauce they gave was primarily diluted peanut butter so I added some hot sauce into it to make it tastier for myself as I like the kick to it.

Then, I ordered a bowl of Beef Stew Noodle Soup as I had no idea what I wanted, and this was one of my husbands favourite… so if I didn’t like it, I can always trade with him! It turns out that this was really good, both the beef stew and the soup broth had tons of flavour and the noodles were really well cooked! It didn’t stick together yet it wasn’t soggy and breaking apart!

My husband ordered himself a bowl of Rare Beef with Brisket Noodle Soup and it was quite a different soup. As clear as the broth looked, it also had a really good flavour it the soup. The portions were large and they were really generous with the amount of meat given (in both bowls actually!)

Overall, the prices were average as other Vietnamese noodle houses. The food was decent although not the best we have had. Generous portions of both soup and meat which makes it a good deal!

Pho Anh Huyen Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Pho Anh Huyen Noodle House

1403 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 276-3636

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant – Bragg Creek, AB

August 11th, 2014

From traveling on my birthday, we discovered how wonderful Eastern Europe food could be so we were excited go to Bragg Creek to try Bavarian Inn Restaurant. We were here around 3PM and they had to turn people away as they were too busy and booked up! We would never have guessed but we were lucky we were ahead of that little rush.

Once we got seated by the window, we browsed through the menu and saw a few items we would love to try. But, since this was a late lunch/early dinner, we could only eat so much. We started with Goulash Soup which they called it “ungarische gulasch suppe” which was like a hearty beef stew with more liquid component – so it turns it into a soup. The flavours were really developed as you can tell a lot of time went into this awesome soup.

I decided to try their Schnitzel Krustchen not only for their pork loin schnitzel, but for smoked salmon as it’s something I really love! This lovely dish is also topped with a fried egg with red cabbage and potatoes on the side. It’s a hearty meal and to my surprise the red cabbage was relatively sweet, so I really enjoyed it as I don’t love all types of sauerkraut; I was a little worried. I actually cleared everything off on my plate and I was impressed with myself!

My husband enjoyed a Jager-Schnitzel which was also a pork loin schnitzel, but what caught his eye was the creamy mushroom sauce that accompanied the dish! On the side was some spatzle, which is really short noodles or dumplings made of flour. Till this day, he still raves about this dish so obviously he truly loved it!

We had such a fabulous time here as the food was amazing, we even tried to order a slice of their Homemade Black Forrest cake, but they ran out. I was shocked that they ran out at that hour as dinner service hasn’t even started – so hopefully they started baking again! I know I will be back to try other amazing dishes here and even their desserts!

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant

75 White Ave
Bragg Creek, AB
(403) 949-3611

Fireweed Grill – Kananaskis, Alberta

August 11th, 2014

We had to do a birthday dinner redo as I was not satisfied with the original plans for my husband, so during a quiet getaway to Kananaskis, we dined at Fireweed Grill which I must say was amazing and perfect for any occasion – even lack of an occasion! It was perfect!

We didn’t order anything to start with, so for my entree I had Quebec Pork Tenderloin which I don’t know how it Quebec, but it was lovely. The meat was slightly overcooked but because it was pork tenderloin, it remained really tender and delicious. With the glaze topped with the salsa, the dish was heavenly!

The birthday boy ordered the New York Striploin which was a 10oz steak which was cooked really funny. The thickness difference was 1cm from either sides, making one edge of it “over cooked” and the other edge “perfect”. We didn’t say anything, but it was still tasty and the sauce did help with the well-doneness and everything else seemed so perfect!

Since everything was amazing, we decided we would have dessert. Our waitress was Kelsey who was absolutely amazing and adorable. She recommended her favourite to us, the Banana Bread Pudding which we were shocked how incredible it was. It was piping hot from the bread pudding and ice cold from the ice cream. The combination of it together — there are no words to describe it. Even eating the portions by itself was absolutely memorable. We eat a lot of desserts and so for, this ranks #2 out of ALL desserts we have had to date.

Overall, we were stuffed and extremely satisfied. The dessert and Kelsey really made our experience one to remember and we would return any day! It made the perfect weekend getaway!

Fireweed Grill on Urbanspoon

Fireweed Grill – Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

1 Centennial Dr
Kananaskis, AB
(403) 591-6270

Prime Social Kitchen – Fort McMurray, Alberta

August 11th, 2014

We went for breakfast in our hotel at the Radisson Fort McMurray at Prime Social Kitchen and the breakfast here was really delicious. The service was quick and friendly as well.

I ordered the Waffles and Berries which was just what I wanted. Delicious sweet waffles that were perfectly prepared with fresh berries for me to place on top. The breakfast was satisfying and it made me really happy! It looks a lot prettier after I put the berries and the whipped cream on top, but I took that picture with my cellphone and I’m actually too lazy to transfer it.

My husband ordered one of his favourite breakfasts of all time, Steak and Eggs and this one a 7oz piece of New York steak with 2 eggs. The steak was well seasoned and tender, cooked to his liking! We definitely had no complaints here!

Overall, we had a fantastic breakfast here and we left for a long road trip stuffed, but not so full where we were uncomfortable!

Prime Social Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Prime Social Kitchen

435 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Fort McMurray, Alberta

August 11th, 2014

We went up to Fort McMurray for the oil sands tour and after the day of touring, we needed to eat! We drove around and found Moxie’s Grill & Bar which is normally a place where I don’t go as I don’t usually have a good experience for some reason or another.

I’m still in search of delicious Dry Ribs and really felt that they would do a good job with the pork ribs. The ribs were very well fried and quite delicious, but they really over seasoned with salt and pepper. I found myself shaking off the extra salt and pepper – but after we do that, it was awesome!

I decided to order Salmon Banh Mi Sandwich for some odd reason. I was really lucky as the fish wasn’t “fishy” and it tasted alright. The sandwich overall was a little bland, which was probably because my tastebuds were overwhelmed from the dry ribs, but it was good! My only complaint would be the sauce that came with the sandwich was really watered down. I also ordered gravy with the fries and it cost $1.00 for a tiny container (yup, you can’t see it, but it’s the condiment dish). To make it worse, it was runny and tasteless! They must have over diluted it, so I was not a happy camper.

Luckily, this dinner was for my husband’s birthday and his dish was good. He ordered Herb Chicken Alfredo which actually would be really sad if they messed up on it. He enjoyed it with fresh cracked pepper. It was creamy and decadent.

Overall, our experience wasn’t awful, but it definitely could have been better. There was nothing really “wrong” with our experience, just little things that seemed important to me that wasn’t satisfied.

Moxie's Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon

Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Wood Buffalo

9521 Franklin Ave
Fort McMurray, AB
(780) 791-1996

Radisson Hotel and Suites – Fort McMurray, Alberta

August 8th, 2014

We made it to Fort McMurray for an Oil Sands tour and so we decided we’d stay the night at the Radisson Hotel & Suites after the tour. It was a fantastic package that we got with this offer with the Oil Sands tour and the Marine Museum with the night stay here!

This city is definitely mostly workers in the oil sands but it was pretty neat as the culture here is quite different from any other. The room that we got to stay in was very nice! It had a nice King sized bed and of course, it was a sleep number bed which is perfect for my husband and I. We like different firmness of bed so this was wonderful!

The actual room itself was very spacious and the feel of the hotel was really new and clean. It had a desk area as well as a seating area which I didn’t take a picture of but you can see it on the clip below. The bathroom was quite spacious and although the tub was standard, it almost felt like an oversized one.

Overall stay here was fantastic. The front desk staff was friendly, the restaurant was delicious and the staff there was also great.

Radisson Hotel and Suites Fort McMurray

435 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray Alberta

Reservations: 1-780-743-2400