Sushi Bistro – Banff, Alberta

October 1st, 2014

We accomplished a hike up Ha Ling Peak and decided we would reward ourselves with sushi. We got into Banff and stumbled into Sushi Bistro which is just off Banff Avenue – right near Brewster’s Mountain Lodge. We didn’t have to wait too long to get seated as it was tail end of the dinner rush when we arrived.

We sat down and ticked off all the good things we wanted to eat. We started with Deep Fried Chicken which came out in a little plate. The chicken was delicious and juicy and fried really nicely, not greasy.

Then, we got in a little bowl, which we thought was strange, our Salmon Sashimi, the fish was really fresh and the portions was quite generous, especially for the price ($6 for 5 pieces).

We had an assortment of sushi’s that we like so we ordered some Surf Clams, Inari and spicy tuna roll. All the sushi was delicious and fresh and tasted really good!

Our last item we ordered was on their menu under Ramen Noodle and it turned out to be a big bowl of ramen! It was delicious and it only cost $9.50 which is at par with all the other places or cheaper. The soup was really tasty and the ramen texture was nice.

Overall, the experience was amazing. Service was great, food was fabulous and the prices were very reasonable. It’s a nice quiet restaurant tucked off the busy street – but it doesn’t mean the place isn’t busy!

Sushi Bistro on Urbanspoon

Sushi Bistro

208 Caribou St.
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4000

Sushi Sushi – Calgary, Alberta

October 1st, 2014

We decided to meet up with some of our friends and they wanted to try Sushi Sushi in Ashton Square in the Northwest Calgary. It’s not a hard place to find as it’s just off Harvest Hills Blvd.

We started with Beef Tataki which was raw beef with a fancy ponzu sauce. It was pretty good here although sliced a little more thick than usual, and not as chilled, but it was decent!

Our first sushi plate came out which was Teriyaki Niku which was a giant roll with teriyaki beef, cream cheese and cucumbers.

Then, our plate of assorted sushi and sashimi came out which was really nicely displayed on their plate. We had salmon sashimi, smoked salmon sashimi, and surf clam sashimi. On the same plate was our California rolls and some spicy tuna rolls which they gave to us.

Finally, our last dish which had my favourite which was Inari (fried bean curd) sushi and the smoked salmon with cream cheese sushi. I did find there was a little too much cream cheese in the Smoked Sake with cheese roll (which is what they called it), it masked the smoked salmon taste which is a taste I love.

Overall experience was decent. It wasn’t the best sushi nor was it bad. The prices were average as was service. The hours, they are opened 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, although they are closed from 2pm to 4:30pm. It’s definitely quick and convenient!

Sushi Sushi on Urbanspoon

Sushi Sushi

40 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-3738

Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea – Waterton, Alberta

September 30th, 2014

Recently, during our stay at the Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton, Alberta, we sat down for afternoon tea in a beautiful dining room in the lobby of the hotel. The view could not be more spectacular as you overlook Waterton, and the dining room itself was beautiful with lots of history.

We were lucky enough to get a table by the window to enjoy our afternoon tea and the view. They had a few flavours of delicious Tea Forte teas and they steeped the tea in a specialize cup. It was just a fun experience with steeping tea alone. The teas were quite delightful as well.

This afternoon tea had a 3 tier tray which started off with dainty sandwiches, pastries, then some scones/biscuits and the topped with dessert. The food was plentiful and it was decent.

Overall, it was a wonderful and relaxing way to spend an afternoon in a beautiful place! The view was amazing, the service was excellent and the price wasn’t bad at $30/person for afternoon tea at such a location! It definitely was relaxing as they do ask you to turn your cellphones off or silent so it doesn’t bother others. Quite a nice treat!

Afternoon Tea – Prince of Wales Waterton Park

Glacier Park Inc., Box 33
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Fisherman Direct Seafood – Salmon Arm, BC

September 30th, 2014

We were recently in BC to watch the Salmon Run around Salmon Arm, when we came across Fisherman Direct Seafood and decided to stop in as we saw some billboards for this place for fish and chips. We wanted to eat seafood so it seemed like the perfect match.

We started with their Calamari which was wonderful! It set the bar high for our expectations as it was lightly battered, tender and fresh. The calamari tasted great we barely touched their tartar sauce and we needed nothing.

I decided to go for their Halibut Burger and I got the seafood chowder as a side instead of more fried food. The halibut burger was so delicious, it was sweet, light, and perfectly fried. The burger didn’t have much besides lettuce and tartar sauce – and it was perfect. The seafood chowder was a bit salty but tons of flavour, tons of seafood and quite hearty.

My husband ordered a Once Piece Cod and Chips and you get 2 sides. He got yam fries and onion rings – mostly because those are my favourites. We really enjoyed the cod, again, it was quite light, portions were large, lightly battered – crispy outside and wonderful on the inside.

We really enjoyed our experience here. Everything seemed to be so fresh and made to order. We even bought some candied salmon on our way out and got a recipe card for their seafood chowder. I can’t wait to try it!

Fisherman Direct Seafood on Urbanspoon

Fisherman Direct Seafood – Salmon Arm

2401 Trans Canada Hwy SW
Salmon Arm, BC
(250) 833-0950

Best Western Sicamous Inn – Sicamous, British Columbia

September 30th, 2014

We recently went for a drive to British Columbia and stayed overnight at the Best Western Inn in Sicamous, BC – which isn’t far from Salmon Arm. The hotel is quite nice, it does have the exterior hallways, which does give it a bit of motel feel to it, but the rooms are quite spacious and lovely.

The room was really big and spacious, with 2 beds there was still a lot of room for moving around and stuff. The room has a mini fridge and microwave which makes it convenient for long term stays as well.

The bathroom was neat, the sink is outside of the actual bathroom – with a large counter area. Behind the door would be the actual toilet and tub/shower.

The overall stay was very enjoyable. We did have to kill a few mosquitoes and flies in the room, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Everything was really clean and that’s very important. The hotel even offers complimentary breakfast and wifi internet access which was nice.

Below is a video clip of the room we stayed in.

Best Western Sicamous Inn

806 Trans Canada Highway East
Sicamous, BC

Moraine Lake Lodge – Moraine Lake, Alberta

September 30th, 2014

I’ve been to Moraine Lake a few times and I’ve always wanted to go to the dining room here. Often when I go, the dining room is booked solid. This time, we went for a walk to Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass and then made a reservation for Moraine Lake Lodge – Dining Room. We got in for first seating on a Sunday – so there was room for us!

The dining room is quite small and intimate. It’s a lodge cabin decor and is warmed by a wood burning fireplace. It’s got lovely ambiance – warm and romantic!

We decided to skip on the appetizers this time and go for dessert as I always crave sweet food after a hike. So, my main entree was their Steelhead Trout which was cooked to perfection! The fish was fresh and delicious, with a beautiful crust outside and it sat in a little light broth. It was amazing!

My husband ordered Elk Tenderloin that was cooked with port wine with red cabbage. The tenderloin was tender and juicy with a nice sweetness from the port. It was absolutely delightful, and even the vegetables and potatoes tasted really good. We really enjoyed the sauce and wiped it all up with some bread at the end!

Now, it was finally dessert time. We ordered their Chocolate Torte which was a dark chocolate torte with an amazing sea salt caramel brittle. The dessert was amazing and it wasn’t a sweet dessert which we really appreciate. It’s sweet, but not over the top sweet which makes it truly enjoyable.

Overall, everything here was amazing. The price was a tad high, but the atmosphere, the service and the quality of food is what you’re paying for. This was a magnificent experience and would be perfect for any occasion!

Moraine Lake Lodge

Moraine Lake Rd
Lake Louise, AB
(877) 522-2777

Windsor Lounge – Waterton, Alberta

September 25th, 2014

During our stay at the Prince of Wales hotel, we ate dinner in our hotel. Although we wanted to eat in their main dining room, we never made reservations and it was busy as it was their last week opened there – so we ended up finding a table at the Windsor Lounge where we got a wonderful window seat and enjoyed the sunset.

I ordered their Grilled Bangers and Mash but because it was pretty much their closing day, they had no more bangers so they gave me amazing bison meatballs instead of grilled bison sausage. The meatballs and mash potatoes were amazing, the flavour of the glaze/sauce was a mustard sauce which was amazing with the bison!

My husband ordered their Shepard’s Pie which was made of ground lamb and beef stew topped with mashed potatoes and then baked. It really was amazing as it sounds as well as the lamb was really tastefully prepared.

We shared our table with a German couple which was a neat highlight of our experience as we shared stories of traveling and history – it was neat. Together, we enjoyed the magnificent sunset which I had to capture – and now share!

After everything was all said and done, we really wanted to enjoy some dessert while the German couple enjoyed another beer! We had the Saskatoon Berry Strudel which was Saskatoon berries in a flaky pastry dough. It was pretty amazing although you can’t see the berry mixture in the picture.

Overall, an amazing dining experience. We had a fantastic time. The food was delicious, the prices were reasonable, and the service was great! But, the view and the experience was truly once in a lifetime!

Windsor Lounge on Urbanspoon

Windsor Lounge – Prince of Wales Waterton Park

Glacier Park Inc., Box 33
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Wieners of Waterton – Waterton, Alberta

September 25th, 2014

During our first visit to Waterton, Alberta we drove by Wieners of Waterton and we knew if we were to come back, this would be a place we go eat at. So, we stopped in for a small snack to share as we already had some dinner plans. This was a small and busy little joint, but the food is worth the wait!

We ordered Jalapeno Cheddar Wiener with gingered carrots and pickled onions. As strange as that sounds, it was actually quite tasty! I even deicded I would start making some gingered carrots to put on my sandwiches as a condiment!

While we were here, we had an order of Fried Pickles which was really nicely fried and the texture was amazing! Salty, dilly, with a nice crisp – and a nice batter that they use to fry the pickles! We got it with a side of Peppercorn Ranch sauce but we didn’t need anything as it was awesome alone!

We really saw why this place is a local favourite. The food was fresh and amazing – we saw them take buns out of the oven, so we know everything is made in house! The bun was amazing as it held up to the wiener without falling apart with condiments. Flavours were great, and it wasn’t priced badly either! A great snack stop for sure!

Wieners of Waterton

301 Windflower Ave
Waterton, AB
(403) 859-0007

Prince of Wales Hotel – Waterton, Alberta

September 15th, 2014

A once in a lifetime opportunity came to me, so we took it. The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Alberta books up fully quickly and they’re only opened seasonally! Although the price tag was a large one, it was a memorable stay – especially if you have a love for historic and rustic things.

We stayed on the 5th floor, queen bed room which was neat as the elevators only go up to the 4th floor. From there, you go to the wing you’re assigned to and go up. The bellman is very helpful if you need assistance as well. The room was tucked away and we even upgraded to a lakeside room. Our room was very basic as it really has just the basic. Thinking about it now, there was no TV in the room!

I also had the opportunity to poke my head to the room beside us (509) and I would say the rooms although had a different layout, it was similar in size!! I took a picture of their room too – just to show you! I liked our room more as it had more windows to enjoy the view.

The view I’m talking about is this breathtaking and there was balconies at each room (although they were fire escapes, they don’t mind you standing out there!)

The bathrooms were a little more rustic and sometimes a little creepy. The hotel was shut down during WWII for and was used for soldiers and officers who were wounded. It does have an industrial feel to it – but at the end of the day, you’re not in the bathroom that long!

Overall, it was a fantastic and memorable stay! We did all our dining options from the hotel and the service was excellent, the food was pretty good as well! It was a stay to remember for a lifetime!

Just because I can – here’s a room of the standard rooms with lakeview. It is complete with a little bathroom closest to the balcony door, with a queen bed and a seating area. There is a sink in the room – and I’m not sure if there was a sink in the bathroom!

Bak Hauk Orient Delight – Sherwood Park, Alberta

August 27th, 2014

We were driving across Edmonton when we ventured into Sherwood Park and found ourselves hungry. We stumbled upon Bak Hauk Orient Delight kind of in a strip plaza. There’s tons of parking here and the restaurant is very spacious in size.

I love places with Hokkigai which is surf clams, so I had to order some, kind of like an appetizer. I know it’s werid, but it was decent!

For the actual meal, I ordered their Pineapple Chicken & Beef on Rice which wasn’t bad! It was a large plate of rice with chicken and beef stir fried with pineapples.

My husband had their Malaysian Laksa which looked and smelled delicious. The soup was actually kind of watered down and the shrimp was actually soggy.

Overall, it was a decent experience although I do not recommend their laksa.

Bak Hauk Orient Delight on Urbanspoon

Bak Hauk Orient Delight

120 – 270 Baseline Rd
Sherwood Park, AB
(780) 449-5462