Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe – High River, Alberta

We’ve been meaning to drive out to High River, AB to eat at Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe for quite some time now – basically after I first heard of them on Foot Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here”. So, we had an afternoon where we didn’t know where we wanted to eat – and here we were!

We sat down by the diner bar and was greeted immediately. The entire team of staff was very attentive, friendly and quick! We started with a bowl of Beef & Barley Soup which was loaded with barley and had tons of soft and tender pieces of beef. I don’t normally love thick soups full of “stuff”, but this one I really enjoyed!

We also wanted to try their Strawberry Milkshakes as I love milkshakes from small towns. I claim they’re different and much more delicious! I was right – it was rich and creamy with the nice consistency and enough strawberry flavours. I believe I read somewhere stating they make their own ice cream, but I’m not sure…

Of course, if there’s perogies on the menu, chances are I will order it. I had an order of their Perogies which was absolutely amazing. Both the skin and filling was perfect and then with the onions and bacon – you couldn’t go wrong anywhere! It was definitely one of the best!

I ordered off their daily special and it actually came with a Cabbage Roll as well. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but once you cut into it – the world of aweseomeness came through. The texture of the filling was nice and it wasn’t dry at all. It had meat and rice in it and it was firm, while the cabbage was sweet and tender. It was nice!

From there, we ordered their Beef Stew also off their daily special. It came in a pretty good size bowl with almost a beef soup looking stew. It was still very hearty and delicious and tons of beef flavour. The vegetables were cooked perfectly as they were tender but not mush! They have the best bread as well!

Just in case we thought we didn’t eat enough, we decided to try a slice of their Pumpkin Pie and it was special! It was darker than pumpkin pie I’m use to seeing, but it was a nice texture. The crust was excellent and we devoured this dessert!

Overall, this was such a fabulous place I look forward to returning. It was a lot of fun, the food was top notch, the service was excellent and the prices were amazing! So, no complaints from anywhere! Can’t wait to return to see the train go around the restaurant again!

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Evelyn’s Memory Lane Cafe

118 4 Ave SW
High River, AB
(403) 652-1887

Presidents Choice: Recipe to Riches Triple Nut Toffee

This week on Recipe to Riches is a neat category for me, as I love sweets this category is Candies and Chocolates category and the winner is Don Harquail with his Golden Toffee Nut Gems and it is a golden toffee nut gems with a decadent balance between sweet, savoury, nutty, and crunch! This treat is really quite a treat and it comes in a big bar which offers flexibility for you to either cut it into smaller bars or “gems”, or you can break it up so it’s like a brittle!

After the mass production, these little gems had a name change, and now it’s called Triple Nut Toffee which really doesn’t sound as good to me. I think having it being called a “gem” is really like a hidden treasure which is what you’ll find with all these flavours and textures!

I really love the crispy/crunchy graham cracker crust at the bottom, as it was really nice and fresh, with a crunch without being hard and it was buttery! Then, these bars are topped with almonds, cashews, pine nuts and sesame seeds – and to be honest, I love sesame seeds and I would say they should’ve added just a touch more! I think it’s offers a great proportion of the crust and the topping, though it was the nutty top I was really after – it totally works!

Overall, I really like this product, but I don’t think I would get it again as it’s a huge bar, and my husband isn’t a huge fan of toffees and caramels – so I ended up eating the entire thing, which I don’t mind – but I would also like to stuff my belly with other things… such as last weeks Butter Chicken Lasagna!

Presidents Choice: Recipes to Riches Mini Cheesy Bee’s Nests

I am a happy girl now that the second season of Recipe to Riches is back on TV! I definitely made it a priority to purchase the winning product for Cakes, Puddings & Pies from episode 1! This winner is Jason Keary – Cheesy Bee’s Nests which is the name that the branders used for his product. I like calling them the Honey Cheese Pastries as that is a name that makes sense to me – and I get a feel for the product. Anyway, I went to Superstore to pick up my box of Cheesy Bee’s Nest, and it comes in a bright yellow box – which is perfect for this product! The packaging stuck to the main theme that it developed from last season, and I think it’s wonderful! It makes it easy to pick out in the grocery store!

Once I opened this box, it has 12 mini cheesy nests which you need to transfer them onto a baking sheet. It’s really convenient, and the only thing is the mozzarella fell off the pastries, so I just put them back on prior to popping the product in the oven. It’s a simple to prepare product – as it should be, since it’s a frozen product! All you need to do is transfer them, and then pop them in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

As these treats are baking, you can start to smell the goodness from the buttery phyllo pastry and the cheese! It smells like a delight in the house when it’s being made, and it really makes me excited to try the product. Once these little bees nests comes out of the oven, it’s hard to resist the temptation as it cools down a little – so I can touch them and eat them!

Then, the moment comes to try these, and it’s quite “cheesy” in taste, but it’s not overwhelming by any means. The crispy phyllo dough adds a nice crunchy texture to these treats and the cream cheese with the jam really balances itself out – making neither too savoury or too sweet of a treat. These bee’s nests would be great for either hor d’oeuvres or dessert! Or, like me, it was just a little treat in the evening with some tea! What a great product – we’re off to a good start of the season!!