Oolong Tea House McKenzie Towne

I love tea houses, as they are called. Oolong Tea House in McKenzie Towne offers a huge selection of tea, and they let you enjoy your tea without any problems. This is due to the fact the location is large, so it can accommodate a lot of thirsty guests.

We didn’t actually try tea with tea leaves during our stop at Oolong Tea House. That particular day, i wanted to try their Chai Tea Latte, and just to compare and contrast with my favorite location’s Chai Tea.

I hate to say, but I do prefer my favorite location for the Chai Tea, but I will definitely be trying their teas that uses tea leaves, as that’s what they’re known for. I guess it was silly that I didn’t do that, but I didn’t crave anything else on that day.

There us to be a place called Uptowne Gelato 2 doors down, and I guess they sold their location to The Coffee Tots, where it looks like the parent can enjoy their coffee while letting their little ones enjoy the playing facilities. Anyway, it now looks like Uptowne Gelato will be served out of Oolong Tea House here. It is a strange combination for tea and ice cream/gelato, but we’ll see how well it works as summer nears!

Uptowne Gelato was a great little place for me to stop for a small bowl of gelato. I’ll have to figure out what I want to do this summer. Check out what Calgary Reviews thought about Uptowne Gelato!

  • DSC03979Oolong Tea House - Exterior
  • Oolong Tea House - Chai Tea Lattes
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  • Oolong Tea House - Interior

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