Cookie Occasion

I first encountered Cookie Occasion from an outdoor festival in Marda Loop during Marda Gras, and I bought a cookie from this location. It truly was the best cookie I’ve ever had and I told myself if I ever go back to Marda Loop, I’ll get another cookie! I remember the day when I first tried one of Cookie Occasion’s cookies – it was really hot during summer and they had sign up for frozen cookie treats. I went to the booth and they told us we had to purchase that goodie from the store. I turned around, and there was a store called Cookie Occasion staring back at me. The store was packed with people, so I just got a regular Milk Chocolate Cookie from the cookie jars at the stand instead.

Cookie Occasion during Marda Gras

I took a bit of this cookie, and I fell in love! The cookie was soft, tender and flavourful! These cookies are freshly baked, and perfectly prepared! They truly are the best cookies I’ve ever had!

Cookie Occasion Store Front

During a visit to see Fiasco Souped Up Food Truck in Calgary Marda Loop – I got to go get myself another cookie as I promised myself! This time, I got the Triple Sin Cookie and it was sinfully delicious. These cookies are made of the three common Callebaut chocolate chunks – dark, milk and white and they are all mixed into a great cookie dough! There’s really nothing quite like it!

Cookie Occasion - Triple Sin Cookie

The other cookie we purchased was Amaretto Almond Cookie and within the first bite, my mouth was exploding with almond flavours. These cookies are mixed in with Callebaut milk chocolate chunks, almonds and a splash of amaretto! We’ve never had a more almond tasting cookie before and it was really wonderful!

Cookie Occasion - Amaretto Almond Cookie

As much as I like cookies from anywhere, I can not get over how wonderfully delicious these cookies are, and the texture of the cookie is unlike any other. These cookies are a must try if you haven’t done so yet! You’ll see the difference, and you’ll thank me later! 🙂 But, note their hours are Monday – Saturday 10AM to 5PM!

A Cookie Occasion on Urbanspoon

Cookie Occasion

2107 – 33rd Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 246-6700

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