Whistlers Inn – Jasper, Alberta

I made it to this hotel randomly. After learning my sister company replaced both the fireplaces in the lobby and dining area of Whistlers Inn, I thought I would just go check it out! I was so impressed with the massive fireplace that’s in their dining room! When we stayed here, there was something going on as it was completely full and constantly busy so I didn’t find the time to talk to the staff here.

The room we got was very standard and tucked away as they were trying to accommodate teams at the hotel to be together. It’s got it’s old charm and character, so it was nice!

We were able to get our little day bag in the room with spare space, so this room does work! It definitely work work if you’ve got children or anything like that! The only thing that I found tricky was the step up to the bathroom. It’s definitely a tripping hazard for me.

There really wasn’t much to the room, but it’s got all you need! It was just the 2 of us and after a day of travel with a hike and dinner, we came back to crash. The next morning, we got showered, ate, and started the journey back home. The hotel and the room did it’s job, we did ours!

It was a very pleasant stay! There isn’t a lot of parking spots on the property, but we were able to get street parking very close by! So, we lucked out there. It was a cozy and fantastic stay at the Whistlers Inn!

Whistler’s Inn

105 Miette Avenue
Jasper Alberta

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Lake Louise, Alberta

Every once in awhile, I look to book a stay at the luxurious Lake Louise Resort Hotel, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and when I’m splurging here, I treat us to Fairmont Gold Lakeview Room as I really love sitting by the window watching the frozen lake, to see the skaters. We got upgraded to their Fairmont Gold Junior Suite though! How amazing is that!?

Once you get into the room, there’s a bit of a foyer area, and to the side is the bathroom. The room is quite spacious and the bed is really amazing.

The bathroom is really large, it’s got both the tub and walk in shower. The space here is extremely spacious and very luxurious.

The nice thing is, you even get a little water closet (toilet area) with a separate door. Sometimes I love it and when in the middle of the night I have to use the bathroom, I hate it! But overall it’s a concept I like for a hotel room!

The room itself is also large, with a lot of desk and counter space! There’s seating area, desk space, and space all around!

Overall, I love it here. It’s my favourite modern hotel in the Rocky Mountains that I’ve stayed at so far. The service is always top notch, food wise, if I dare say.. nothing has come comparable! The Fairmont Gold breakfast buffet is the best here as well! If you’re doing an afternoon tea, this is the location I would recommend it!

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

111 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Norwegian Cruise – Norwegian Sun Balcony Stateroom

I had the best opportunity and it was the most amazing experience and it was to go on a cruise with friends to celebrate 3 out of 4 birthdays! It was a trip to Alaska, aboard Norwegian Sun, which was a cruise line we have taken before and enjoyed it for it’s casualness. This trip, it departed from Vancouver and went to a few amazing port cities in Alaska, where it returned back to Vancouver.

We booked a Balcony Stateroom as I got spoiled on the Pride of America years ago and can’t go back. Our friends got an ocean view room and it was very interesting to see the difference in the 2 types of staterooms. And, the neat thing was, it was the same, just without the floor to ceiling sliding doors to the balcony. We got our beds pushed together to make a King size bed and it was plenty of space in the room.

We never spend a lot of time in the staterooms anyway as I really enjoy cruising as it’s an all-inclusive resort that moves and takes you to new places while you sleep or eat! It’s fun to find things to do and the best thing about these Alaskan ports, it’s not necessary to join excursions if you don’t want!

Storage isn’t an issue with these rooms as I found there were tons of drawers in the room and shelves in the closet and inside the bathroom. The bathrooms aren’t very big, but with all seriousness, I don’t spend a lot of time in there. I think the only complaint regular passengers might have would be the size of the shower. I am relatively average sized but short and I found myself banging my elbow on the wall here and there while washing my hair. It’s a walk in shower that’s got your amenities in there so I think I stood far away as I didn’t want to whack myself on that.

It was a really nice cruise, it was a tad older but it was nice and casual. The food was fairly decent, and the service was really good! We didn’t have any issues the entire week on the Norwegian Sun and even got to find ourselves in places we probably weren’t allowed to be in. The staff was amazing and for the most part, they recognized the 4 of us and they spent time with us as we were the “fun” passengers on the ship!