Vietnam Sub & Grill – Calgary, Alberta

We found Vietnam Sub & Grill by luck when we were driving around Country Hills this one weekend, and saw it from the corner of our eye. It’s in a little corner location a bit tucked away, but it’s not a busy strip mall when we went – in fact, it was a Saturday afternoon and we were the only ones in there.

Without much expectation, we decided to order their Lemon Grass Beef Salad Rolls which actually wasn’t bad. We’ve had worse, and the rice paper was prepared nicely such that it wasn’t ripping or hard. The beef was quite flavourful, and the dipping sauce was good too. So, we were off to a good start, even though there wasn’t “lemongrass” flavour, it was still quite fragrant and had taste to it!

I ordered their Vietnamese sub, and their Satay Chicken Sub to be exact. It was pretty standard looking, but the bun was really nice and the satay chicken was quite tasty. THere wasn’t much filling in it, and that’s a little bit of a bummer. Their Baguette was really good and you can tell that was a fresh bun, so I give them credit for that!

Then, we had to try a noodle soup and ordered their Satay Rare Beef Rice Noodle Soup and the nice thing about this soup was it had tons of flavour and salt. We didn’t have to add anything to it. It wasn’t just a spicy bowl of soup or anything, so it was quite decent!

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised as we didn’t have any expectations for this little place with no one in there. We did get quite thirsty from the salt afterwards, but that’s an us issue. Tons of parking, clean facilities and restaurant… and there was window seating as well as booth.

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Vietnam Sub & Grill

10 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, AB T3K 5P4
(403) 262-8819

Crossroads Market – Vietnamese Deli

I decided I wanted to check out vintage things and so I ended up at Crossroads Market which is a place I like to go time to time. I went there as I heard they had a new grand re-opening, so I wanted to check it out. It was really quite fun, and as it was still cold, not all the fresh produce markets was out in full force. However, the newer side was bright and offers a lot more food concessions. I just got hungry during our visit and went to stop by at Vietnamese Deli which oddly isn’t even listed as one of the food vendors. Regardless, I ate there and it was okay… but I hate to say… there’s a reason why they had no line!

I ordered a Chicken Sub as Vietnamese subs are one of my absolute favourite things to eat! They did prepare it in front of me but of course, it was just the assembly part of making it – which is fair as all other sub places are like that as well. There wasn’t a ton of meat or flavour, but it was a decent sub. It was loaded with peanut sauce – which I think was most of the flavour. It was then topped with the typical toppings of onions, cilantro, cucumber and pickled carrots. It was still good, but not the best out there!

My other half ordered the Beef Sub, I know, we’re so original… but it was like a late lunch/snack kind of deal. His actually had a lot more flavour so it was better. His sub had a lot more peanuts though, which I had to switch back after eating 1/4 of the entire sub. I don’t do too much peanuts, but I’m glad I’m not deadly allergic to them, as it wasn’t advertised anywhere!

I think next time I’m back, I’ll try something else as there are tons of other options, and considering it wasn’t the BEST sub. However, prices here are much more cheaper than elsewhere for Vietnamese subs and even their pho soups!

Homemade Vietnamese Sandwich with Grilled Chicken

I really love Vietnamese Submarines, and these days, it seems to be hard to find some in the city – for a reasonable price. I had to make a few modifications as I didn’t have all the ingredients, but the sandwich sure tasted great!

1 French Roll or similar bun (crusty outside, soft inside)
1 chicken breast or 2 chicken thighs (boneless and skinless)
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 or 2 slices of cucumbers
pickled carrots
chili pepper (optional)
soy sauce
fish sauce
white soft cheese (I use mozzarella cheese)

To make this, I actually made my own pickled carrots, which is really simple to do. Some people have a mixture of pickled daikon and carrots, but I opted for just carrots as that’s the way I’m use to! If you’re making it, make this step at least an hour ahead of time.

Pan sear the chicken thigh or breast with some oil, salt and pepper. Once it’s cooked, take off the stove and let it rest.

In the mean time, cut your bun, spread one side with mayonnaise and the other side with a few shakes of soy sauce and fish sauce, and salt and pepper.

Place the meat on the bun, and top it with some cheese and bake until the cheese melts in a 350F oven, which takes a few minutes. Then, take the submarine out of the oven, and top it off with the pickled carrots, cilantro and other fresh vegetables. (I usually don’t put the raw onions on as I’m worried about onion breath at work – if I’m having this for lunch) Put the top of the sandwich on and you’re ready to enjoy!