Christie’s RITZ Munchables Pretzel Crackers

I roam the grocery stores often to find new and interesting things - and I found RITZ Munchables that was interesting at my store! It's a wonderful Christie's products and it truly is a perfect match!
This concoction is made with buttery Ritz crackers and Pretzel combination. It's a bit sized treat that reminds me more of a round pretzel, with the buttery flakeyness of the typical ritz crackers!
We got our box of treats in Sour Cream and Onion flavour, and it's seasoned perfectly! You definitely get the flavour without it being over seasoned! I'm sure you can uses these Ritz Munchables as a vehicle for dips too!

M&M Pretzel

I've seen the commercials for M&M Pretzel and thought it would be an interesting combination. I purchased a small bag, and I've purchased a few more bags afterwards ever since.
These little packs comes with 16 pieces of M&M Pretzels (well, at least the few bags I've purchased!). They're a wonderful snack as they have a sweet and crunch outer edge and a subtle saltiness and savoury centre! It turns out, this is one of my favourite new additions to the M&M brand! Click to find more information about M&M Pretzels.

Ten Ren’s Tea Time

I really enjoy drinking Chinese teas, and when we figured out there was a little sit down place with Chinese teas, we knew it was a place on our "to go" list. The only Ten Ren's Tea Time location in Calgary with a sit down dining would be this one, where all the others are just drinks. The place is in an interesting location as it's kind of tucked into residential area, but isn't far off the ring road - so I can see it being an ideal location once the road is completed and further development is completed.
We arrived on a weeknight evening, and it was really quiet. The entire time we were there, we were the only table. This was during the dinner hour too, but we didn't mind as it's nice to sit down in a quiet dining room once in awhile! We first sat down and ordered some drink, and I ordered the Almond Milk Tea with no Pearls, as I still don't like pearls in my drink. However, when the drink got to me, it was the Almond Black Tea, but I had nothing against the black tea, so I just kept it. It was quite good actually - full of almond flavour in the drink. Some places try to dilute the almond so they can use less, and I'm happy to say they didn't do that with my drink!
For dinner, I had a bowl of Beef Stew Noodle Soup, and what really caught my eye was in the picture on the menu - the noodles was green! When my bowl of noodles came, it was only a slight hint of green colour.
We also ordered a plate of Special Salty Sliced Pork Belly on Steamed Rice, and oddly, it took a long time for it to come. The pork belly was really nicely done as the skin was really crispy and salty! It went perfect with the steamed rice.
As much as we eat, we really wanted to give their wings a try, so we ordered some Deep Fried Chicken Wings and it was fried really crispy! Ten Ren is really good at frying their food as it's all coming out great!
I do say their deep fried food looks great because our friends ordered some dishes with deep fried chicken over steamed rice, and it looked really tasty! I can hear the crunch of the crust as they bite into their dinners which really is quite impressive!
I quite enjoy this little location, and I can see it being a popular evening place to grab a bit to eat as they are opened quite late. The prices are quite reasonable, especially for it's portion size. The food tasted good, so there's nothing I can complain about! I can't wait to return and have some more goodies! Ten Ren's Tea Time (Tea Bar & Restaurant) on Urbanspoon

Ten Ren's Tea Time

1110 Panatella Blvd NW Calgary, AB T3K 0S6 (403) 269-6088 Hours: Sunday~Thursday: 12PM to 11PM Friday & Saturday: 12PM to 1AM