Presidents Choice: Recipe to Riches Montreal Deli Dip

Well, that was a fast season – so it seems! The last category for Recipe to Riches season is almost over! This category is for Condiments and Dips, and I love Montreal Style smoked meats – so I was delighted when I heard this was the winner! It comes in a little tub, kind of like purchasing hummus or salsa, so it was very convenient!

This dip is advertised as delicious either cold or hot! The texture is chunky and the flavour is plenty! I find it tasted a lot like sauerkraut or even pickles – like a relish, but kicked up a notch or two! I did fine this dip was too hearty and thick to become an actual dip, but would probably work if you spoon it onto little crustinis or baguette or something like that.

For serving this dip hot, I decided to make a “smoked meat sandwich” and used the dip toasted with some deli meat and cheese! it was fantastic, and it would be the preferred way I enjoy this – hot/warm!

I do like this dip, but I dn’t eat enough sandwiches or make enough hor dourves for this to make sense for repurchase. However, next time I entertain, it would be an awesome back up plan though!

Presidents Choice: Recipe to Riches Triple Nut Toffee

This week on Recipe to Riches is a neat category for me, as I love sweets this category is Candies and Chocolates category and the winner is Don Harquail with his Golden Toffee Nut Gems and it is a golden toffee nut gems with a decadent balance between sweet, savoury, nutty, and crunch! This treat is really quite a treat and it comes in a big bar which offers flexibility for you to either cut it into smaller bars or “gems”, or you can break it up so it’s like a brittle!

After the mass production, these little gems had a name change, and now it’s called Triple Nut Toffee which really doesn’t sound as good to me. I think having it being called a “gem” is really like a hidden treasure which is what you’ll find with all these flavours and textures!

I really love the crispy/crunchy graham cracker crust at the bottom, as it was really nice and fresh, with a crunch without being hard and it was buttery! Then, these bars are topped with almonds, cashews, pine nuts and sesame seeds – and to be honest, I love sesame seeds and I would say they should’ve added just a touch more! I think it’s offers a great proportion of the crust and the topping, though it was the nutty top I was really after – it totally works!

Overall, I really like this product, but I don’t think I would get it again as it’s a huge bar, and my husband isn’t a huge fan of toffees and caramels – so I ended up eating the entire thing, which I don’t mind – but I would also like to stuff my belly with other things… such as last weeks Butter Chicken Lasagna!

Presidents Choice: Recipes to Riches Butter Chicken Lasagna

This week on Food Network’s Recipe to Riches was my favourite catagory – Frozen Entrees! Winner Rick Matharu created this amazing fusion on an easily accessible food, the Lasagna! We were not only shocked but amazed how delicious the Butter Chicken Lasagna really was and right after we ate it, we were already talking about purchasing more and keeping it in our freezer! This episode was a great episode as all the competitors were great and the products were awesome! I was rooting for Rick, so I am ecstatic that he won this category! These Lasagnas come in a frozen “dish” weighing in at 1KG and it’s a great value in my opinion at $7.99!

I love how even the box has such personality, funk and style – as Rick did in the episode! When it came to making the product, I could either zap the entire thing in the microwave for about 16-20 minutes or pop it in the oven for about an hour at 375F and then peel off the top film for anther 10 minutes. (well, I did mine for 10 minutes as it was a beautiful colour already). So, with that said, it’s not an instant frozen meal, but it’s not harder than a frozen pizza, and I must admit, I would run for this butter chicken lasagna over a frozen pizza now!

As this was completely prepared and ready to serve, my husband came home and said “smells like curry!”, and he was right for a change! The house had a beautiful delicious curry aroma, and honestly, it’s not a scent we get at home often at all! When we actually sat down to enjoy this product, we couldn’t stop eating! I’m sure the both of us could have finished the entire lasagna in one sitting, but I put it away to refrain from doing that!

The Lasagna was not only rich in flavours, more Tandoori style than “butter chicken”, but regardless, it was excellent and delicious!! Tons of actual pieces of chicken, and layers of vegetables. We’re already planning to pick this product out while we pick up the item for next weeks show! This product is now our favourite and could be in our household to stay! Hope Rick brings home the big one! 😉