Wendy’s Macleod Trail South – Calgary, Alberta

A random day before we were goign to meet up with some friends I figured I was hungry and it will be awhile before we eat again, so we decided to pre-eat dinner and grab a burger! While driving closer towards where we were going to meet up, we saw Wendy’s and decided to take a quick detour.

This Wendy’s is quite new looking as though they recently did some renovations – from the inside and outside. Wendy’s was having their annual Cod Fillet Sandwich promotion on again, so we took their North Pacific Cod Meal to share!

The meal was really good and the fish burger was fantastic! It was flaky, tender, and quite delicious! Not too much condiments which helps bring out the fish in the burger instead of masking it! The burger was topped with dill tartar sauce and crunchy dill pickles. The light panko batter was light and crispy. All on a warm buttered bun. It was amazing!

Overall, this was quite a wonderful stop! We really thought the parking lot was a little weird, but everything else here was quite amazing. I did find it a tad strange there was a slice of cheese on it – and I’m not sure if it was suppose to be there… but it was ok.

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7109 Macleod Trial South
Calgary, AB
(403) 253-5333

Pho Chu The – Calgary, Alberta

We were meeting up with some friends of ours where they introduced us to Pho Chu The for really good Vietnamese food at a great rate. The location is on the west side of Macleod Trail and it could be tough to get to if you’re not sure where you’re going.

I ordered the standard Rare Beef Noodle Soup as it was a day I ate dinner before having more dinner. For some reason I thought it was a lighter meal! I did finish the bowl regardless of what I ate – so clearly it was really tasty!

The plate of condiments that came with our noodles were presented really nicely. The beansprouts were fresh and plump (and not brown) while the chilies were cut up for us! It was nice seeing it so pretty!

My husband ordered pretty much the same thing but their spicy version! They looked like they enjoyed it thoroughly and it smelled amazing! Fragrant and flavourful – that’s what you want in a spicy dish… not just pure spice! I did try a spoonful of the soup and it was pretty amazing! You don’t need to add anything else to make it better!

Overall, it was a nice place to visit! The place was really clean, the prices are average, the service is a bit slow, but they’re friendly. There was a parking lot in front of the restaurant, but if I recall, there wasn’t that many spots. We actually walked over so I don’t remember.

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Pho Chu The

4633 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-3455

Viet Hai Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve went for many meals looking for delicious pho and we found ourselves at Viet Hai on Macleod Trail in Calgary. It was a nicely decorated location and the food was decent as well.

We started off with some Spring Rolls and the plate does come with 4 of them. I decided I was going to eat one before I took the picture, but it was good! It was pretty standard, so that’s no complaints!

I ordered my usual, the Rare Beef Slices and Beef Ball Noodles Soup and the bowls of noodles were quite large.

Then, my husband ordered his usual, the Rare Beef Slice Noodle Soup and this was also a really large bowl with tons of beef slices in it.

Overall, it was decent. There’s no really complaints or compliments so it was a good place to go for something quick and hot! The prices was really good though, at under $8 a bowl of soup!

Viet Hai Restaurant

4640-Macleod Trail SW.
Calgary, AB
(403) 287-2622