Redwater Rustic Grille – Calgary, Alberta

I received a gift card for the Redwater Rustic Grille, so naturally I had to use it! I’ve been to this restaurant and this location a gazillion times as I use to work within walking distance to here, but I’ve never once did anything with this location besides “business meeting” here. Well, now that I’m here for a personal experience, I decided it’s finally ok to do it! Luckily for me, the late afternoon visit, I knew no one here so it was truly a customer experience now!

We started our dining experience with Crispy Calamari, a generous portion size of calamari arrived at our table, and it wasn’t as crispy as I would like it but it was extremely tender without losing the texture of calamari. It was very delicious especially dipped in their Cucumber Cumin Yogurt sauce with a squeeze of lemon.

As this was a meal that wasn’t either lunch or dinner, I decided to order their Chorizo Rigatoni, which is a plate of their awesome house made sausage with peppers and tomato, with tomato sauce over rigatoni! I ordered their half portion and it was still extremely filling. The sausages were amazing and had tons of flavour, the casing wasn’t tough, and everything was perfect.

We also had to order some meat. I need meat otherwise, I don’t get full. So, we had ordered a Braised Pork Shank which sounds absolutely ridiculous, and it was! Ridiculously amazing! It was just what it says it was, and it was fall off the bone, tender, juicy, and massive! It was only $25 as well!!

Overall, the experience here was fun! The staff was great, the food was amazing, the prices were extremely reasonable! It’s no wonder why we use to come here for business so much!

Redwater Rustic Grille

9223 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB
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Migarock Korean BBQ – Calgary, Alberta

Our friends apparently have been going to this place for Korean BBQ for years and it’s our first time!! They recommended Migarock to us and so here we ate!! It was a cold wintery day when we came, so heat and spice was on the top of our list!

Once we sat down, I knew I needed “Japchae”, which they called Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Beef Bulgogi! The portion wasn’t the biggest, but it sure was tasty! The texture was perfect as it wasn’t hard yet it wasn’t soggy! The flavours was quite authentic to me (but what do I know!). The thing I like most is it wasn’t full of vegetables!

We then decided we wanted a soup dish, to warm ourselves and we have always enjoyed soup!! Well, more than 50% of this group this day enjoys soup a lot!! We settles for their Spicy Pork Bone Soup and it was super spicy!! When the soup kept boiling down, it just go spicier as well! The flavours were fragrant and amazing, but make sure you like heat with spice! The pork falls right off the bones and that absorbed all the delicious flavours!

Then, the final thing we did was order raw food for their Korean BBQ!! We definitely don’t mind getting smoky and smelly to cook our own food! There’s the fun in Korean BBQ because of it! We ordered their BBQ Beef Ribs and that beef was so tender and juicy. It was marinated perfectly and even the burnt bits were tasty!

And, of course we ordered the BBQ Beef Bulgogi and that was my favourite thing to go with my rice! I added the Beef Bulgogi with some soup (to tone down the spice) and I ate so much rice! It really was the perfect dinner for a cold day!

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Migarock Korean BBQ

17-7400 MacLeod Trail SE,
Calgary, Alberta

Goro + Gun Japanese Noodle Bar – Calgary, Alberta

I go to Stephen Avenue maybe a few times a year and I’ve been going there when Goro + Gun is closed, but this one time I finally made it there! Just as I was done and leaving the mall, I saw it was opened and had to go in.

This was just a light lunch or snack as I wasn’t intending to eat at this hour, but we started with their Gyoza’s mainly because the people next to us had some and they looked amazing. When ours came to the table, I was right!! The skin was thin, the filling was tasty, and I didn’t really use their sauce at all. Their blend of pork filling and spices was perfect and the sesame vinaigrette was delicious as well even though I thought it wasn’t necessary.

We ordered 2 noodle dishes that were quite different. We ordered their Tonkotsu Ramen that was filled with a generous portion of ramen, topped with some BBQ Pork Belly and my favourite, red ginger! All this amazing bowl of ramen was warmed by a perfect blend of their pork broth.

The other noodle dish we ordered was their Yakisoba which was their brothless noodles with BBQ pork belly, sunny side egg, green cabbage, bean sprouts, red ginger, bonito flakes! This is definitely different from any yakisoba from a food court as this was amazingly delicious!

At the end of the day, I’m really glad we decided to spontaneously stop in here and have some noodles! We already paid for parking, so why not!

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Goro + Gun Japanese Noodle Bar

#245 – 225 7th ave SW
(inside Scotia Centre)