Snack: CheeCha Puffs – Sea Salt & Spiced Pepper

There’s nothing I enjoy more than popcorn with my favorite reality show… however, I’ve recently discovered the super crispness and the intense flavor of CheeCha puffs!! The best part about it — it’s “good” for me! I can say I eat a lot more of it, and feeling better about the change, than my usual extra buttery popcorn!

My favorite flavor so far would have to be Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper! Hands down, it’s jammed pack with a wonderful balance of salt and pepper! I’ve tried most of their flavors, but be sure to check out CheeCha Puff’s website for more information!

You can read about my experience with CheeCha Puff – Sweet Cinnamon Flavour!

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  • Chee Cha Puffs

Le Beaujolais – Best French Fries!

We took a nice trip out to Banff, Alberta after passing through the beautiful Canmore, AB and hiked Mount Grotto, and saw the amazing frozen waterfall.

We were hungry, and was looking for a quite place to sit down and eat. We came across Le Beaujolais, and had their daily special – rack of lamb. I had the smoked salmon sandwich with a side a fries, and the french fries were the best fries I’ve ever tasted. It was crisp on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Even after the fries were cold at the end of the meal — it was still wonderful!! These french fries do not turn soggy and droopy after time, like some of the fast food places we’ve encountered.

We definitely will return next time we’re in the area!! We have lots of favorite places to eat and experience in both Canmore and Banff!

Be sure to check out the website for Le Beaujolais

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Le Beaujolais

Snacks: Schneiders Pepperettes – Hot Sausage

I really felt like having a flavorful snack today, as I think I’ve got a cold. So, I walked over to our local Sobeys store, and picked up some Schneiders Pepperettes, in Hot Sausage flavor. The flavor isn’t hot to begin with, but the heat does kick in afterwards!! The texture, I think it’s better if it was chilled in a colder fridge, as I do prefer my pepperoni relatively firm (but not tough)

It really hit the spot for me as a snack! I’ve tried other brands, and this one comes close to my favorite brand!

But, as I’m am still not feeling too good, I’ll eat an orange and take a nap — hopefully I’ll feel better before dinner tonight!

  • Schneiders Pepperettes - Hot Sausage
  • Schneiders Pepperettes - Hot Sausage Pepperoni