Go For Tea – New Oriental Teahouse

Great place for Bubble tea off Midland Avenue and McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario. They do have 2 locations, but of course… I only went to one of them.

We went during an “afternoon snack” time of day, and there were tables in there having “early dinners” and what not. It was neat! They do things from individual hot pot, to bowls of rice, desserts and lots of other delicious stuff. Go For Tea also has an extensive drink menu, and this Bubble Tea location gets my approval for sure!

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  • Go For Tea Indoor Decoration
  • Go For Tea Call Button
  • Go For Tea Slush
  • Go For Tea Rice Bowl
  • Go For Tea - Deep Fried Lobster Balls
  • Go For Tea - Inside Deep Fried Lobster Balls
  • Go For Tea - Deep Fried Pork Cutlet

Scarborough Go For Tea Location:

Tel.: 416 292 0221
Fax.: 416 292 0228
E-Mail: Info@gofortea.ca
Address: Unit 113 & 115, 3700 Midland Ave.

Markham Go For Tea Location:

Tel.: 905-886-0221
Fax.: 905-886-0911
E-Mail: Info@gofortea.ca
Address: Unit 2-230 Commerce Valley Dr E,
ON L3T 7Y3, Canada

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Radisson Toronto East

When we travel to Toronto, we like to stay at the Toronto East Radisson. It’s not because it’s clean, or high class… it’s rather worn down, and disguising. But, it is really close by to residential area where my family lives, so it makes it an ideal location. It is okay anyway – since we’re never in our hotel room.

  • Radisson Toronto East King Suite
  • Radisson Toronto East - King Suite Bathroom

Lin Garden Restaurant

We were in Toronto visiting family a few months ago, and we tried this Chinese – Hakka food near our hotel. We read reviews about it, and all the reviews stated that the food was good, but the place is really dirty.

We ordered deep fried wings, Hakka noodles and Hakka Tofu. The noodles and wings were really well done, and it sure was a different taste than the usual “Chinese” noodles. The tofu dish was good, however, I don’t think the tofu of ours tasted quite right… and the Chinese mushrooms were a bit off. it was full of garlic flavor, but it was still good.

The noodle dish is what we described as “XO sauce” taste, without the spice. It was very unique, and their choice for noodles made it a great experience.

The portions were quite large, and the prices were reasonable. I would return – as it is good and convenient! Lin Garden Restaurant does open quite late, which adds to the convenience!

  • Lin Garden Restaurant - Scarborough, Ontario
  • Lin Garden Restaurant - Deep Fried Chicken Wings
  • Lin Garden Restaurant - Hakka Noodles
  • Lin Garden Restaurant - Hakka Tofu

1806 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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