Mirage Volcano Las Vegas

We walked the strip, and the funny thing is.. we finally set a tripod up at 11PM at the rail of Las Vegas’s Mirage to “hopefully” take a nice video shot of the Volcano eruption.

We waited for about 35 minutes, and couldn’t understand why no one else was getting ready to watch the next Mirage Volcano eruption show, until we finally decided to walk away as well. Just as we walked about 20 steps over, we saw a nice sign that read “last eruption at 11PM” Oh well.

After dinner the following evening, we decided to go find ourselves a nice spot to definitely catch the Volcano eruption and I’m sure glad I did. It is quite different from when I was young — and that eruption show. I’m not too sure which one I like more, but here’s the one we took. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now, this will be the old eruption video! 🙂

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William and Catherine: The Royal Wedding

I never did get the chance to go to London to see the Royal wedding. I truly wish I had that opportunity as it is once in a lifetime. To see the beauty of a truly modern fairy tale princess royal wedding would be quite the experience. All the little girls who dream about their weddings may now have a different view, as for the last 20 years, Princess Diana’s wedding was the fairy tale wedding.

I am lucky enough to have a commemorative memorabilia – which is tea for this special day (Friday, April 29th, 2011). I will say when I am there in later this year, I will be looking around for more collector items, and hopefully just the experience the environment… even though they won’t be in celebration mode.

  • Twinings: The Royal Wedding Commemorative Blend Tea
  • Twinings Royal Wedding Commemorative Blend Tea
  • William & Catherine Royal Wedding

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Telus World of Science – Titanic Exhibit

I’ve never been to the Telus World of Science in Calgary before, and once I heard the Titanic Exhibit was in Calgary, I made it there… even on the coldest day.

I was really excited, and I read about the Titanic Exhibit in Las Vegas – Luxor, and I got really excited. However, after reading all the blogs and reviews, in my mind, I had really high expectations.

I must remind you, I had the time of my life in the afternoon. Expecting the exhibit would take the entire afternoon, it only took a few hours — even with the guided audio tour. However, the artifacts found were really quite spectacular to see.

The division of the 3 classes were really neat, and clearly differentiated. The dishes used to serve meals and the delicate details allows you to see clearly which class the guests are in.

My favorite part about the entire exhibition would be the recreation of the guest room in first class. I wished there were more recreated rooms and areas. I was looking forward to that part of the exhibit, but I also know this exhibit has taken about 85% of the Science Centre.

Some of the items that I found were really interesting would be guests jewelry and glasses that were recovered, and also parts of the actual ship. It’s really interesting to see the real scale of the Titanic.

An interesting and interactive part about this exhibit and making you feel like you were boarding was the actual recreation of the boarding pass. On the back of the boarding card was information of an actual guest who was on-board the ship. At the end of the exhibit, you’re able to see if you made it or not.

My guest was a 3rd class girl, who did survive, but her husband died. Another great eye opener was to see the amount of people who did survive…. which was roughly 200 guest in each class, and staff… but the percentage of those who didn’t make it increased greatly, and most of the staff and 3rd class members went down with the ship.

I would recommend this exhibit to anyone who is interested in Titanic. For me, I think I would’ve loved to see the exhibit in Las Vegas, as they seem to have more re-created rooms and areas on board the ship.

  • Telus World of Science - Titanic Exhibit
  • Telus World of Science - Titanic Exhibit
  • Telus World of Science
  • Telus World of Science