Chi Lan – Calgary, Alberta

Well, we just got home from a short but GREAT holiday, and I wanted noodle soup… so, we went to Chi Lan as it’s close to home, and delicious!

Originally, I wanted something with a more subtle taste, but when I picked up the menu, I soon realized I was craving for spice!

We ordered a Bun Bo Hue and Hot Wings, and both was as mentioned, spicy! The wings were perfectly fried, and then tossed in a hot sauce. The skin was fried to perfection, with a nice crunch. I asked for the Bun Bo Hue with rice noodles, as it’s easier to eat! I do enjoy the round noodles they usually use, but it splashes the soup all over me… and the splatter look wasn’t what I wanted.

After eating the wings, the Bun Bo Hue wasn’t spicy, and I was able to taste the flavor of it, and it’s subtle hint of sweetness. It was really good!

At the end of the night, it was a great dinner! It’s definitely my go to noodle place! 🙂 Chi Lan is close to home, with reasonable prices and never a disappointment! Be sure to visit them yourself!

Chi Lan

4307 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2Z
(403) 726-2335

Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede and it is very exciting for people of all ages. There’s sooo much to do during the Calgary Stampede yearly.

I’m really excited to go to the Stampede, this year, we get to try out our camera’s with Rodeo, and the new food that will be at the Midway.

I personally really enjoy the pulled pork parfait, and the beef sundae. I’ve always had the traditional stuff such as mini donuts, corn dogs and much more.

You can visit the newly introduced foods for this year’s Calgary Stampede here

Last year, they had the Stars on Ice, and my camera couldn’t take great pictures, as it was really dark inside the venue (Saddledome) – but the acrobatic ice show was fantastic! Check out the pictures from Calgary Reviews

  • Stampede ice show
  • Tessa Virtue Moir

With the new expansion the Stampede expects to have for 2012, I’m sure I will enjoy the yearly event for years to come!  I’m truly loving the 10 days of fun and excitement.

Six Fortune: Instant Broad Noodles with Soup Base

I ran out of instant noodles the other morning, so I went to my local grocery store – to my surprise, they carried this amazing tasting Broad Noodles from Six Fortune.

The texture was very smooth, and the taste from the soup base was really nice. I like having fish balls and pork balls in a lot of my noodle soups, and this was no different.

I would recommend trying this, as it’s not expensive, and it’s not as salty as some other brands. Plus, the broad noodles is a welcoming change!

  • Six Fortune: Instant Broad Noodles with Soup Base
  • Six Fortune: Instant Broad Noodles with Soup Base
  • Six Fortune: Instant Broad Noodles with Soup Base
  • Instant Broad Noodles with Pork Balls

Check out Canda Six Forture