The Canadian Brewhouse – Calgary, Alberta

We were up north this one weekend for an event. After the event, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some sunshine on a patio somewhere. We ended up at The Canadian Brewhouse in Country Hills. It was a beautiful afternoon, and lots of people were soaking up the sun as we wanted to! Luckily, the parking lots is quite big, even though it shares with many other amenities. You’ll eventually find a spot!

Once I sat down, I actually ordered a girly drink, their Bellini and it was pretty good! The waitress took a long time bringing it out so it was pretty much melted – but if it came right after it was made, I know it would taste amazing!

I was feeling quite festive and “aloha” with the warm beaming sun, so I ordered their Hawaiian Lu Wow pizza, and I know fruits on pizza isn’t for everyone – however, I love pineapples. I like them however they come, so this meal really hit the spot for me.

As it was kind of brunch time, we also ordered their Chicken & Waffles as we were just at an event and wishing the chicken and waffle food truck was there. It wasn’t, so ordering this was the next best thing. It was pretty to look at, and pretty tasty as well!

Overall, we had a fabulous time at the Canadian Brewhouse and we know we will be back! The food was great, atmosphere very good, service was okay, so it was a good time!

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The Canadian Brewhouse

9650 Harvest Hills Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB

Annie’s Bakery and Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

We quite enjoy wandering through Fish Creek Park in Calgary. There’s always things to see around! We’ve always walked by Annie’s Bakery and never got a chance to go in. This one time, we made an effort to come here during their opening season, and we’re glad we did!

Although everyone seems to eat ice cream, we were more into baked goods. I ordered their Cinnamon Rolls which looked really good. I’m not sure if it was just out in the air without being covered too long or what it was, but it didn’t seem that great! It was a little dry and hard. The taste of it was amazing, but it was more of the texture. Not bread like, or the soft ooey-gooey.

We also got an Apple Strudel as we just got back from Eastern Europe at this time so a cup of coffee and baked good was on the top of our minds. The apple strudel was really good!

The coffee we got with this was their latte which to my excitement, they made it in front of you and made it taste amazing!

Overall experience, it was fun! the place was small, so be prepared for a picnic when you come here.

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Annie’s Bakery and Cafe

15985 Bow Bottom Trail SE
Calgary, AB

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kananaskis Lodge

I have now been the Kananaskis Lodge twice now and both experiences were quite different. We really enjoy going during our anniversary as it’s shoulder season, yet the road conditions are still good enough. This resort is always picture perfect, so we love taking photos of it to match some local postcards.

The room was actually the same as the last time, but reversed layout. So, it was a familiar stay which I enjoyed, like an old friend. Once you oepn the door, you’re into the bathroom sink area, and through the sink area would be that main bathroom with the tub and toilet.

The room is always spacious for 2 people, but I can see it being comfortable for a family, and still big enough with a group of friends. The bathroom situation would be a little strange sometimes if you’re with a group of friends, but if you’re close enough to stay in the same room, you’re good!

Overall, our stay was wonderful as always. Hospitality was impeccable and the food was top notch. I’m sure another anniversary down the road we would be back! It’s a nice quiet and remote location, yet has enough things to do, especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kananaskis Lodge

1 Centennial Drive
Kananaskis Village, Alberta