Sun’s BBQ Restaruant

Chinese food at it’s best! I like going here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all meals in between! For this particular instance, we went almost as a midnight snack, as we picked up people from the airport on a late flight. Their food is a little greasy, but it makes it look pretty and it tastes good too. It’s not overwhelmed by grease.

There is a wide array of options on the menu, so I’m sure you’ll find something for any appetite. I personally really love the shanghai noodles, but that’s just me and Chinese food. They do an excellent job at making it — but it’s a dish that is relatively simple.

When I’m there for lunch, one of my favorites would be either BBQ Duck or BBQ pork on Lai Fun (rice noodle soup) and it’s really delicious. I would think they make one of the better Chinese BBQ Ducks here at Sun’s. So, if you like duck (Peking style), do purchase a piece of one from here to try!

A really good thing about Sun’s is the fact they are opened late, and during late hours (at least during the weeknight when I go), there are still lots of families there at late hours! This makes me feel much more comfortable than going to Chinatown.

Dinner at Sun Chiu Kee is really good, be sure to check out the dinner review too!

  • Sun's BBQ - Main Doors
  • Sun's BBQ - Exterior
  • Sun's BBQ - Interior
  • Sun's BBQ - Appetizer Plate
  • Sun's BBQ - Clams
  • Sun's BBQ - Curry Fishballs with Pork Skin
  • Sun's BBQ - Shanghai Noodles

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Sun Chiu Kee

1423 Centre St N
Calgary, AB T2E
Mon – Thurs 10:30AM – 1AM
Fri 10:30AM – 2AM
Sat 9AM – 2AM
Sun 9AM – 1AM

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