Presidents Choice: Recipes to Riches Triple “S” Korean Meatballs

This week, the category 3 candidates were competing against was Hors D’Oeuvres on Recipe to Riches, and the three finalists this week was Montreal student Benji Greenberg, with his Curry Crab Sticks which was the item I was cheering for this competition! I always love crabcakes, and to have it conveniently on a stick makes it a great snack/hor d’oeuvres and for any occasion! The second finalist was Belen Welch from Dieppe, N.B., with her cheese-stuffed, cumin-spiced quinoa balls would be the New Jalapeno Popper. I was really unsure about this product, but it would be a product that could cater to a large market these days – which could be good. Finally, the last finalist was Vancouver’s Jackie Koh, with her Smoky Korean Meatballs supposedly jammed packed with Korean flavours as a part of her heritage. I wasn’t convinced that this product would win as there are tons of meatball products out there, and Jackie didn’t look like someone who would be easy to work with. With all that said, it was Jackie Koh that did win this weeks category with her meatballs.

After watching the episode on TV, I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase this product as Jackie did leave a bitter taste in my mouth, and it was a product I just didn’t want to try due to her personality and attitude. It was hard to over come it, but as I saw at my local store – the product was almost sold out, so I figured I needed to try it, regardless what I was thinking inside. A box of these meatballs come with about 20 meatballs for $7.99, which is at a reasonable price range for such products.

To prepare these meatballs, you just bake them for about 10 minutes and then flip them for another 10 minutes. It is simple preparation, and it does smell great. The flavours are intense and spicy with a hint of sweetness and tang. The meatballs are quite large as I think more of “bite-size” when I think about Hor D’Oeurves, and the texture is actually really processed and quite dry actually. I think this would be amazing if we made it ourselves with “good” ground beef. Overall, this was a product I was thinking/hoping I would hate, but it turns out to be a product I don’t hate, but I don’t love either.

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  1. extremely greasy…150 calories for just 2 small meatballs!
    I think they are being discontinued.
    Very commercially processed flavour and texture.

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