Presidents Choice: Recipes to Riches Chipotle Chili Slams

Wow, it’s already week 2 of the Season 2 – Recipe To Riches program! I’m quite happy they changed up the categories this year, as it’s more appealing to me (as a consumer!). This week, the category was Sweet & Savoury Snacks which is great! The winner was Stephen Childs with his “Chipotle Chili Bites” which is what Stephen called the product prior to it being mass produced to our grocery shelves.

I really wished it stayed as the featured product during the show, where it looked light, and more deliciate.. and bite size! This product has become a “burrito” like product with a cornmeal pastry shell, instead of a typical tortilla wrap. I must say, the fact that it has a really good chili inside this product really makes it quite interesting for me! It’s got quite a nice level of heat, which is surprising for a product like this. I do like that it has taken on this form as well, as it’s individually wrapped, much like your burritos which makes it really convenient to the average house hold! You can either heat it up in your microwave or bake it in a oven. I chose to do both, and I must say – baking it is really better as it offers more different textures. I think overall, maybe this was missing some grease… as it’s a healthier option on the market!

When I first took a bit, my initial reaction was it was really dry! I thought that the pastry was just really unappealing, until I got to the middle – where the chili lies… then I started to like the product. Don’t get me wrong, the shell is still quite dry, but the chili with so much flavour really helps me enjoy the product more. I guess it’s starting to grow on me. The next day, I tried this in the microwave, and it was actually not as dry. But, the texture of the pastry shell just wasn’t the same… so, given the fact I have the time to bake it, I would!

I must show the inside of these little slams! They were not greedy with the amount of chili they put in, which I really appreciate! I think without the chili, it’s just a dry pastry shell. So, I’m just glad they did! I have these in my freezer now for an instant meal or a quick snack! A box of this comes with 4 individually wrapped Chipotle Chili Slams. This product stays in your freezer and is vegetarian too! Overall, it was quite good, but it wasn’t something I “love” and that would purchase to have regularly in my freezer. Once in awhile, I can see me having it though – but it won’t be a staple.