Presidents Choice: Recipe to Riches Montreal Deli Dip

Well, that was a fast season – so it seems! The last category for Recipe to Riches season is almost over! This category is for Condiments and Dips, and I love Montreal Style smoked meats – so I was delighted when I heard this was the winner! It comes in a little tub, kind of like purchasing hummus or salsa, so it was very convenient!

This dip is advertised as delicious either cold or hot! The texture is chunky and the flavour is plenty! I find it tasted a lot like sauerkraut or even pickles – like a relish, but kicked up a notch or two! I did fine this dip was too hearty and thick to become an actual dip, but would probably work if you spoon it onto little crustinis or baguette or something like that.

For serving this dip hot, I decided to make a “smoked meat sandwich” and used the dip toasted with some deli meat and cheese! it was fantastic, and it would be the preferred way I enjoy this – hot/warm!

I do like this dip, but I dn’t eat enough sandwiches or make enough hor dourves for this to make sense for repurchase. However, next time I entertain, it would be an awesome back up plan though!