Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery and Cafe

Little cafes with a bakery? I’m in! It’s my favourite! These are the most memorable times I had when I travelled through Eastern Europe – cafes and bakeries! I found this one in Woodbine in the South West and it’s called Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery and Cafe located in a strip plaza and it offers a large seating area with a large display of goodies that they bake from scratch!

I sat down and ordered from both the fridges with their baked goodies as well as from their menu. I ordered a nice hot drink to go with the pastries so I decided to have Chocolate Truffle Mochaccino which was a nice chocolatey drink – which was delicious!

Our hot food from the menu, we tried their Belgium Waffles with Strawberries and this was fantastic! The waffles were light and fluffy with fresh whipped cream and delicious strawberries. I know, waffles aren’t anything “special”, but at least it was really good here!

As many of you know, I love cinnamon treats such as cinnamon buns… so it’s no surprise I would try their Cinnamon Twist which was more “bread-like” that was more dense, instead of being light and fluffy. It was really good and not overly sweet!

Now, I am not going anywhere without trying pastries! So, I ordered 2 of them! We got their Cream Horn which was a light and airy treat that was filled with a light custard cream that was just perfect in texture and taste! The other treat was the Neapolitan Pastry with layers and layers of flaky pastry and a delicious custard cream filling, same as in the cream horn. This was by far my favourite treat from here! The custard is just amazing, a must try for sure! Probably everything with this custard is amazing, so be sure to pick something up with it! It’s not too sweet at all, which is something I love!

Overall, this is a place I could see myself going back to – over and over again! One of the best things about this cafe is the hours, it’s opened from Mon-Sat 7am – 8pm and Sunday 7am – 5pm! I can think about going here any when I’m in the area! Just a great little place to enjoy a snack or a “light” lunch or something! It’s quiet here, so it’s nice in that manner! A hidden gem for sure!

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Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery and Cafe

2525 Woodview Dr SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 452-8833

Posted: Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 @ 9:26 PM
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