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Bubblemania is a place where I have been going to for many years now. They offer decent wings for a decent price. A new thing that is very handy, Bubblemania Cafe now accepts Visa & Mastercard! Before, they only took cash. Wing nights are now Mon to Thurs 2-7pm 28ยข Wings!

Bubblemania is conveniently located on 16th Avenue in Calgary, at quite an ideal location, as we have friends from different ends of the city, making Bubblemania Cafe an ideal location for us to all meet up at.

My favorite drink is either the pineapple or lychee green tea – COLD, with nothing in it. I’m actually not a fan of the “bubble” or the tapioca, as I tend to choke on it. Their drinks are quite good, but I must say — I think most of them are made from powder also! I’m a much greater fan of fresh fruit smoothies, but I risk the fruit not being in season.

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Bubblemania Cafe

Suite #317, 979 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB
T2E 2P6
Now Open at 2pm Everyday!

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Posted: Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 @ 2:35 PM
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  1. Serina Says:

    Hey Elsie!
    Thanks for the review! Glad u like our pineapple green tea. It’s made from a high quality syrup that is made from pineapples, that’s why sometimes there’s some pulp bits in the drink. And if you like fresh fruit smoothies, we have lots to try! We call them our fresh fruit juices but they have a slushy/smoothie texture. We try to source what’s seasonally available. Last year we even had fresh lychee…yep we shelled and pitted cases and cases of them :/ it was worth it though! Much better than the canned stuff. Right now we have fresh white peach juice which I hope you’ll try because it is one of our most popular drinks. You can also Like our Facebook page to get updates on what fresh fruit juices we have!

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