A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe

I have always loved Strawberry Waffles and A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe sure knows how to make them the way I like them! Previous to this experience with Ladybug, I’ve only been to their old location at the Currie Barracks, which has now closed, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to open a new location in the new Calgary Farmers Market

We had a few people that joined us for lunch, and we got pictures and their comments of the dish also! 🙂

Our friends had a plate of Chicken Sausage & Roasted Potatoes on Savory Crepe, Mixed Berries Waffle, and then we had Strawberry Waffles and lasagna. Their plates sure looked delicious, especially those roasted potatoes!! I am sure I can eat those breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Our friend who had the mixed berry waffles really liked to look of my strawberry waffle! I refused to trade, as it’s my favourite breakfast! It had a nice strawberry sauce on the side, with fresh whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate flakes everywhere!

The lasagna looked really amazing! The smell of cheese, you could smell it at least a table away! Packed with cheese, mushrooms, bechamel sauce, ground beef, and tomato sauce, it truly was an awesome choice!

We all had dessert to complete the meal, and our friends has Mamon Cake and Black Forest Cheese Cake. We had a Chocolate Eclair and Tiramisu, and I’ve been wanting a good tiramisu since our trip to Vegas, and enjoyed tiramisu from Jean Philippe! It was the best dessert, and I think Ladybug’s version would be a close second! Just in case you’re looking to go and try Jean Philippe out yourself now, try ARIA Las Vegas Deals to find great specials for ARIA, and you too can experience the luxury that I got!

  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Latte
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Chai Tea Latte
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - London Fog
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Chicken sausage & Roasted Potatoes Crepe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Mixed Berries Waffle
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Lasagna
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Manon Cake
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Black Forest Cheesecake
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Tiramisu
  • A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe - Chocolate Eclair

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A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe

2132 10 Aspen Stone Blvd
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-5530

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