Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede and it is very exciting for people of all ages. There’s sooo much to do during the Calgary Stampede yearly.

I’m really excited to go to the Stampede, this year, we get to try out our camera’s with Rodeo, and the new food that will be at the Midway.

I personally really enjoy the pulled pork parfait, and the beef sundae. I’ve always had the traditional stuff such as mini donuts, corn dogs and much more.

You can visit the newly introduced foods for this year’s Calgary Stampede here

Last year, they had the Stars on Ice, and my camera couldn’t take great pictures, as it was really dark inside the venue (Saddledome) – but the acrobatic ice show was fantastic! Check out the pictures from Calgary Reviews

  • Stampede ice show
  • Tessa Virtue Moir

With the new expansion the Stampede expects to have for 2012, I’m sure I will enjoy the yearly event for years to come!  I’m truly loving the 10 days of fun and excitement.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

I’ve lived in Calgary almost all my life, and I’ve heard numerous times about the beauty of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Today, we finally took a drive to find the place, and now I’m really excited for summer when I have some time to explore Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

I was only able to get a few pictures of the place, but I’m sure I’ll have more when I actually visit! 🙂

  • Calgary Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Calgary Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Calgary Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

2425 9 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 4T4
(403) 268-2489
website: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Go For Tea – New Oriental Teahouse

Great place for Bubble tea off Midland Avenue and McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario. They do have 2 locations, but of course… I only went to one of them.

We went during an “afternoon snack” time of day, and there were tables in there having “early dinners” and what not. It was neat! They do things from individual hot pot, to bowls of rice, desserts and lots of other delicious stuff. Go For Tea also has an extensive drink menu, and this Bubble Tea location gets my approval for sure!

Click here to view more!

  • Go For Tea Indoor Decoration
  • Go For Tea Call Button
  • Go For Tea Slush
  • Go For Tea Rice Bowl
  • Go For Tea - Deep Fried Lobster Balls
  • Go For Tea - Inside Deep Fried Lobster Balls
  • Go For Tea - Deep Fried Pork Cutlet

Scarborough Go For Tea Location:

Tel.: 416 292 0221
Fax.: 416 292 0228
Address: Unit 113 & 115, 3700 Midland Ave.

Markham Go For Tea Location:

Tel.: 905-886-0221
Fax.: 905-886-0911
Address: Unit 2-230 Commerce Valley Dr E,
ON L3T 7Y3, Canada

Go For Tea on Urbanspoon