Chez Francois – Canmore, Alberta

We made it to Chez Francois one long weekend evening, and it turned out to be a fantastic place to eat!! We sat down, pretty late, and no one gave us any problems for coming in an hour and some before closing!

They started our evening with an awesome greeting from their friendly staff, and gave us some bread with duck pate. The bread was really fresh, and the pate was really tasty, smooth, and creamy! It was quite delicious.

We started off with FeuilletĂ© d’Escargots which were escargots in puff pastry with a creamy herbs & garlic sauce, and it was really wonderful!! It’s been awhile since I had great escargot, and Chez Francois prepares it to perfection!

For the main, I enjoyed the Saumon Colbert which was poached salmon topped with shrimp and scallop mousse glazed with a Hollandaise sauce.

We also ordered the Poulet au Vinaigre de Framboise grain fed chicken breast light creamy raspberry vinegar sauce

With such a wonderful experience, we definitely will be returning, as we didn’t order a dessert since it was getting quite late. The best thing about Chez Francois, it’s opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ll find another opportunity to return again!

Chez Francois

1602 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-6111

Spruce Meadows National

This year, we were lucky enough to have gone to Spruce Meadows – National, 2011! It was a wonderful and beautiful experience, and we would definitely want to return to either another event, or the same one would be fun!

We saw 2 events while we were there, we watched Atco’s Double Slalom and Nexen’s Cup (Derby) – One Jump-Off, both were very entertaining. The International Ring was where these events were held, and it was a great place to be. Most of the sections were covered to prevent sunburns on the top of your head, and sudden down pours — which we were lucky enough to experience both!

On top of watching shows from the horses, there are also things to see like the Plaza & Marketplace. Also, there are a lot of food concessions available to satisfy any appetite, such as the Garden Court, SM Tulip Cafe, Sun Room, West/Upper Plaza, Kaffee Stube, Gasthaus zum Pferde, and Big Rock Garden Haus! We grabbed our lunch from the concessions in the middle, where we visited Germany for a delicious bratwurst with onions and a side of french fries, as well we experienced the Polish Perogy Hut with a taste of their 6 Cheddar perogies!

  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Spruce Meadows Bus
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Warmup for Double Slalom
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Warmup for Double Slalom
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Double Slalom
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Ceremony presentation
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Jackson Fork Ranch Eight Horse Hitch
  • Spruce Meadows National 2011 - Jackson Fork Ranch Eight Horse Hitch

Spruce Meadows was such a great place for families, and tourists! I can’t wait to go back sometime soon!! Be sure to include Spruce Meadows!! Maybe for the North American!

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

We started the day dropping by the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company before our day hike as we were looking for something fast, filling, and delicious! We found ourselves stopping at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co on Bow Valley Trail, and it was opened early enough to accommodate us!

I had that BCLT Bagel on Jalapeno Cheese Bagel and the filling inside the bagel was quite typical, as BCLT stands for bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. The ingredients used were really fresh so it was really good. I must say, I really enjoyed the jalapeno cheese bagel, as it looks like your typical cheese bagel with a nice kick once in awhile! The bagel was not only very flavourful, but it had a nice consistency, denseness and texture! Just the way I like my bagels!!

We also had the Amigo Bagel on Jalapeno Cheese Bagel and this bagel seemed to be an omelet with green peppers, and onions on the bagel with plain cream cheese, and topped with slices of tomato, salsa & cheddar.

The environment was small and intimate, yet very comfortable! Lots of room for a lazy morning, and since this locations isn’t in downtown Canmore, it’s not as busy either! In fact, it seemed like their customers were mostly taking their meals to go!

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

6A-1306 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-9968