Bookers BBQ & Crab Shack – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been meaning to try Bookers for years! And, I mean years! I finally found a reason to go and it was for Valentines Day which seems a bit strange but it’s like a neat “holiday” dinner. There wasn’t a lot of parking in front of Bookers, but it wasn’t bad to find some within walking distance.

We decided to have their Valentines Special which was half of their BBQ Platter with some modifications. So, it came with half rack of Pork Ribs, Smokehouse Brisket, Smoked turkey breasts, with some sausages, baked beans and coleslaw. My favourite from the platter was the pork ribs which was fall off the bone tender and grilled to perfection.

With this special, it had a their Bucket of Crab which is a bucket of 2 clusters of snow crab with lemon and butter. The 2 cluster of snow crabs was so fresh and the shell was hard and crunchy. The melted butter was fantastic but it wasn’t necessary as the crab was amazing alone.

The entire experience was fantastic. The food was delicious, the environment was magnificent, and the service was top-notch!

Bookers BBQ and Crab Shack

#10, 316 3rd St. SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 2S4

Euphoria Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

Browsing around for some hot chocolate during the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival, we found ourselves by the university at Euphoria Cafe was where we ended up.

Once I walked in an looked at their baked good display, this GIANT Carrot Cake caught my eye. I knew I was going to order the cake with their special Pumpkin Hot Chocolate which I knew the cake would pretty much be my dinner! The hot chocolate was a dark chocolate hot chocolate and the carrot cake was full of spices and perfectly spiced and sweet.

We also ordered a Earl Grey honey tea latte which was lightly sweetened and had a delicate earl grey tea flavour. With this hot drink, we ordered their Vanilla Cruffin which was an airy croissant in a muffin tin! It was hollow with vanilla filling inside. It was amazing! This should be a must try on your list as it’s something different and special.

Overall, this was an excellent place where we ended up. I settled up my laptop, did a whole lot of picture transfers and it there was still lots of space where I didn’t feel like I should pack up and make room for others. There was free parking here as well, for 2 hours!

Euphoria Cafe

8 Varsity Estates Cir NW #110,
Calgary, AB

The Block Kitchen and Lounge – Calgary, Alberta

I decided to go backwards, instead of my usual as it’s more “interesting” to me. Work has really been an intersting period in 2020 so I’ve been pigging out a big from Christmas, to New Years and of course Chinese New Years. So, pigging out at lunch, we went to Mount Pleasant and found ourselves at The Block. This parking lot was filled with fancy cars so it was a bit intimidating as I was wondering if I could afford this place!

We got in and a hot drink was what I was going for. I ordered one of their special drinks and it’s really pretty!! The marshmallows were hard, but softened in the hot chocolate. It never melted and disintegrated so it was a fun treat to poke my fingers in the mug and slurp it. Yes, I’m aware I’m not fancy enough for a place like this and my grace is the reason why my bosses can’t take me out of the office.

I was starving to be honest, and I just wanted to eat everything. I ended up ordering their Roast Beef Dip and it was really good. Although the au jus was lacking in flavour, we really didn’t need it as the roast beef was so flavourful. It was a bit on the drier side without the au jus but it was perfectly fine. The fried onion really added a level of taste and texture that I truly enjoyed.

We also ordered a plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs and their portion sizes were huge!! There were a lot of meatballs on the plate with lots of flavour in their sauce and the meatballs. It was really an excellent dish especially from a lounge!

I really enjoyed my time here and the waitress was very pleasant. Her memory was amazing and everything about her elevated my experience here. She really made my morning and I’m happy. The lounge side was spacious with lots of seats. They have a restaurant side as well, which I didn’t even bother to poke my head there. I think I need to venture to this area more actually!

The Block

2411 4 St NW,
Calgary, AB