D Spot Dessert Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

I met up with some friends and randomly we decided to try D Spot on 17th Ave. It wasn’t too tough to get a parking spot, even with a hockey game in the city.

We decided we’d ordered some food to share and dessert for ourselves until the waiter told us the desserts we should share. We had a pizza and tried their Meat Feast Pizza which was on a pretty thin crust. The pizza is topped with chicken, ground beef, steak and bacon! It was pretty tasty.

We also had an order of BBQ Steak Poutine as the waiter recommended their poutsines to us and we can always use fries and gravy! At first glance, the portions looks small, but because it’s fries and gravy, it was pretty large! The portion was huge as we kept eating at it!

We quickly devoured the savoury food so we could order dessert! I knew what I wanted, as I saw it on my way to their bathroom where I got to walk past their cake fridge that had their cakes on display! Their Red Velvet Cheesecake caught my eye and so I knew that was my order! To my delight, it wasn’t too dense or too sweet which made it a fantastic dessert to share.

Lastly, we ordered their “popular” item as my girlfriend asked the waiter what was their most popular dessert and he said it was the Hidden Gem which is a chocolate lava cake wrapped in a crepe! Everything about this hidden gem was delicious!

We love this place, and it was packed on a Thursday night. I know I will be back for dessert as I can’t bake well so I’m always enjoy a dessert place!!

D Spot Dessert Cafe

933 17 Ave SW #100,
Calgary, AB

Cactus Club Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

One lovely evening my (picked) sister and I decided to go eat dinner, so we found ourselves at the Cactus Club on Macleod Trail. Thinking it wouldn’t be a long wait, the location was quite busy. We do recommend making reservations for our future visits.

We were starving by the time we got to the table, had some drinks and ordered some appetizers. We had an order of Spicy Chicken which was spicy and delicious. It was fun to eat it with chopsticks and the crispy wonton skin added a fantastic texture.

One thing I love is potatoes and we ordered Potato Skins which is something my sister and I both really enjoy having. These tasted amazing here, it was a loaded baked potato (skin) and it was just the perfect appetizer to fill our bellies enough until our entress came.

Everyone at the table ordered a steak of some sort, but the picture that I snapped was of the Chargrilled steak and it looked pretty good! The table had different types of steaks and toppings but ultimately the same. The steaks were cooked to their individual preference with no complaints.

I ordered their Feenie Burger thinking it wouldn’t be too big. I ended up with a burger that was the size of my head and some how I managed to devour the entire thing. I was stuffed to the brim with all the food this beautiful evening.

This was a beautiful place to be with fantastic friends/family. The atmosphere was great, the food was deliciuos and the staff were amazingly friendly. We enjoyed our evening here.

Cactus Club Cafe Macleod Trail

7010 Macleod Trail S.E.,
Calgary AB

Broken Plate – Calgary, Alberta

It was a special day, and we chose to celebrate it at Broken Plate on Macleod Trail. We lucked out with the table without reservations as the place filled up quickly on a Friday night.

We sat down and the service was amazing and prompt! We ordered our drinks and appetizers and they came out relatively quick. We decided to start with their Prawns Santorini which was like a soup with bread and prawns. I wasn’t sure how to eat it, but I ate all the bread and prawns. It was amazing! The prawns were large, fresh and delicious. The soup was not a soup but a sauce, but we ate it like a soup. It was roasted red pepper sauce and that was full of flavour on it’s own.

I ordered their daily special which was the Steelhead Trout which was as perfectly cooked piece of fish on the grill, over a bed of risotto with seasonal vegetables. The trout was topped with a citrus and blueberry sauce which was absolutely divine! The sweetness of the blueberry with the tartness of the citrus on the fish was a unique and delicious combination.

Lamb seems to be a thing for Greek cuisine, so we also ordered their Leg of Lamb roast which was a hearty main dish, but it wasn’t too rich or heavy. The chunks of lamb was tender and flavourful, great lamb flavour on it’s own as well. Mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables accompanied this perfectly cooked lamb.

Overall, the experience here was perfect. We didn’t even let them know it was for any occasion and everything was amazing on it’s own. I would definitely recommend Broken Plate for any night, but a comfortable and semi-casual place.

Broken Plate

10816 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta