Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools Resort in Canmore

Who doesn’t like to travel well?? Traveling from your own house to another house is what Mystic Springs really feels like! These chalets are complete 2-story town homes with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! This luxurious style of living is wonderful for families as it offers 2 double beds in the second bedroom — so kids don’t need to sleep on the same bed! On top of that, there is a pull out sofabed downstairs in the main living area. The master bedroom has an uber comfy king bed.

I found the space to be very comfortable, and with TV’s in each of the room, you’re always able to go find your own space if you need to step away for a bit inside the condo.

The bathrooms are full and complete with AVEDA bath amenities and quite satisfying for both guests who like soaking in a tub, or getting a quick shower. The master bathroom however is a walk in shower only.

The dining space as you enter the condo is a large comfortable table that looks into the kitchen. It is a very convenient set up for any meal if you were going to stay back and prepare your own meals! The kitchen comes completely stocked with all the cooking and eating utensils you would need to prepare, cook and eat your meals! On top of that, there is a dishwasher for you to clean up after yourself — as required!!

The living area is one of the highlights of the chalet for me. There is a door that opens straight back towards the pools, and it just looks great! The fireplace quickly fills the room with warmth, which is fantastic for those cold winter days when you come back from your cold adventures outdoors.

The outdoor heated pools are opened year round and even though I didn’t go out to enjoy either the pool or hot tub, lots of other guest were outside having a blast over the weekend! I was happy to hear them enjoy themselves! Outside in the courtyard where the pools are is a lot of common area amenities such as the barbeque area, the fitness machines, and even coin laundry! Other amenities the resort has to offer is a spa treatment room right behind the front desk agent, and there is also the Riverstone Hall, which is like a beautiful space you can rent with large windows and with a kitchenette and fireplace! Mystic Springs is truly a nice place to stay, and is pet friendly in most of their suites!

  • Mystic Springs - Unit 131
  • Mystic Springs - Living Area
  • Mystic Springs - Pull out Sofa
  • Mystic Springs - Kitchen
  • Mystic Springs - Second Bedroom 2 double beds
  • Mystic Springs - Main Bathroom (2)
  • Mystic Springs - Master Bedroom King Bed
  • Mystic Springs - Master Bedroom TV
  • Mystic Springs - Master Bathroom

Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools

140 Kananaskis Way
Canmore, AB

Fairmont Banff Springs

I’ve been really fortunately to have been able to try the luxurious Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, and I have always wanted to return since the first visit. I’ve really liked the style of the resort as it is very historic, yet warm and inviting. Some of the rooms were really small, and crammed, but it is the experience to be able to say you’ve stayed at a Fairmont Resort. I have stayed there about 3 times total, and all times it’s been really different.

The great outdoor heated pool is definitely something to rave about. I remember sitting in the heated pool in the heart of winter with snow falling down, and an elk came by the pool to see what the guests were all about. While all the guests in the pool were so excited to see the elk, of course security for the hotel kept a close watch on the wildlife.

We once got a room that seemed to be tucked in the corner, and everything was really crammed, and the location was noisy — this room was near a walkway where tour groups walk by and it made for a different type of experience. This room is the only pictures I have…

We were lucky once, and got upgraded to a different type of room where we had a great fireplace, great view and great everything! So, it’s hard to say what the actual feeling of the resort is as we seemed to stay in very different room types… so it’s been really challenging for me to say whether or not I like it here… I must say, when I’m given further opportunities, or if it costs the same as other resorts, absolutely, I will be back for the Fairmont Experience. I really do like the valet service they have in the winter as well, as they do take the extra effort and scrap your windows! 🙂 It’s definitely worth the extra for that kind of service!

I do keep an eye out for specials and promotions and try to reason with myself to make a trip out and stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs. Hopefully I’ll be returning soon!

  • Lobby of Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Fairmont Banff Springs

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company

Ever craved a nice cup of coffee that just perfect, complete with foam art? Phil & Sebastian at Chinook Centre does just that! They make a wonderful tasting cup of coffee with a little something special on the top! It’s a wonderful treat and melts all the stress from the day away!

  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company - Latte

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