Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine

I’ve been going to Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine for about 11 years now, of course with about 7 years in between when we stopped going – as we weren’t going to Chinatown as much. We went back, and there’s still a line up outside — just as we remembered the good old days! It’s the same owner and his wife, and now with someone else as well. The line does seem to move faster, no matter how big of an order ahead of us placed. It is often that a representative from a company or something would put in a huge order of 10+ subs right in front of you! Everyone knows this is a great place to go if you’re willing to wait outside.

The prices are still very reasonable and competitive to other submarine locations, Vietnamese subs or not. I got my peppered chicken for $6.50, which seems less than I recalled, which is a good thing!

I had the Peppered Chicken which has always been my all time favourite from Thi Thi. Yes, the amount of chicken has seemed to reduce, and it’s not nearly as peppery as it use to be. But it still tastes wonderful!! The pickled carrots are really tasty unlike some other Vietnamese locations that seem to just use normal matchstick carrots. The sauce was really tasty, the meat was tender and juicy!

The subs from Thi Thi quite big and full of flavor!! The bun is toasted nicely, crispy on the outside, but still soft in the inside. The cheese is melted perfectly! I don’t know how they do it, but they sure mastered the art of Vietnamese submarines.

I think over so many years, this place hasn’t changed, and it’s a great thing! I will be back, and hopefully it won’t take me another 5 years to return! 🙂 This location is a take-out only location, and cash only! Such a small & great place!

Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine

209 1st St SE
Calgary, AB T2G2G3
(403) 265-5452

Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon

We were in search of something different, and we found something different a Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon! The place was huge, with lots of seating areas! We must’ve went at a quiet time, as there weren’t a lot of customers yet. When we left though, the place was starting to fill up!

I tried the Elk Burger and it was actually a toss up between 2 items that I really wanted to try. I ended up with the elk burger as it’s a little more special. The elk patty was thick, and in the middle of the patty was some smoked gouda. It was really good!

We also ordered the Low n’ Slow Beef Ribs and it was fall off the bone tender! It was really juicy and succulent, and something I would recommend if you’re fine with getting your hands dirty! It is a place for customers over the age of minority (18 years old) as they do serve alcoholic beverages — so, this is not a family restaurant!

Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon

201 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-0333

Solara Resort & Spa in Canmore

Solara Resort & Spa is one of Bellstar‘s newest properties! It offers a new modern ambiance, and the interior decoration and design is very sleek, modern and masculine. The resort opened it’s doors to the public at the end of 2010, where it was loved by many – even with the amenities not completed. Today, the pool has opened, and the kids water play area, and some other, but I have not been back yet!

The resort is really warm, and quiet! The floors are cork flooring, which really softens any noise you may hear around! The patios/balconies are really large, and the space overall in any suite is really big and comfortable! It is an excellent resort to park yourself at! Solara offers complimentary secure underground parking with a car rinse stall for you to wash off all the highway pest!

My favourite part about my Solara experience would have to be the bathrooms. In our suite we stayed in, it had a lovely stand alone soaker tub that I took advantage of! After a long day of hike, my feet were tired, and really appreciated the tub. In the morning, I loved the walk in shower! It has a large rain shower faucet, as well as body jets!! You can use both either to relax after a long day, take a nice refreshing shower to start a long day, or just use the extra faucets to get wet, and rinsed as fast as you can!