The London Tea Company – Green Tea Tropical

I’ve never heard of LT Company prior to now. My sister brought some tea back from London during her visit home, and brought back 3 canisters of London Teas. These teas are quite different, as they’re not like “herbal teas”, it’s more like flavourful hot water – which is great for me, since I need to drink more water!

I really like the canisters, as its not only looks really neat, it’s got a cool top, keeping the tea leaves fresh.

After you steep the tea, the tea bag is really good for making another cup or two! Also, you can just put one tea bag for a tea pot! It’s a great product as a single tea bag lasts for a long time! This Green Tea Tropical scent/flavour is really subtle, which is quite nice!

Check out their website for more information – The London Tea Company

NestlĂ© – Stouffers Bistro Signature

Some mornings, I have no idea what to eat for breakfast or lunch, and I’ve found a great solution – frozen food! I’ve purchased a giant box of Stouffer’s Bistro Signature as a breakfast entree. I got the box that was flavoured Applewood Bacon, Egg and Cheese – which is kind of like an omelette, but in a “to go” style.

These breakfast sandwiches really remind me of breakfast – as it’s the main purpose of me purchasing them. They at least taste like what it’s suppose to, and I appreciate that these days! To prepare these sandwiches is simple – simply unwrapped the individually wrapped sandwich, place it inside the “microwavable crisper”, and zap it for about 2 minutes.

I don’t know if my microwave is too high or what not, but I always get the oozing out of cheese from the seams when it’s ready. If I try to have it such that there is no leakage, then I find the centre to not be thoroughly heated – so I cook it on a plate. I also found the crispy & flaky crust isn’t “flaky and crispy” when it comes out of the microwave, but it sure is better than not having the “crisper”, as it does help with the texture. I’m sure this would taste excellent if I took the time and heated it through in the counter-top oven though!

Christie – Oreo Sipper

I went to grab a box of cookies, that’s is different, and I came home with Christies brand cookies! It was Oreo Sippers which is suppose to be a delicious straw, which becomes perfect for dunking into milk. These Oreo Sippers are wafer cookies, which is light and not too sweet!

I made the mistake of having a giant glass of milk in a tall glass. My oreo sipper was really short, and it was funny! I actually took so long taking a picture that the entire “sipper” became all soggy!

These wafer cookies come in twin wrapped package, and I actually prefer having these “with” milk, instead of using them like a straw – due to the fact it does get soggy so quickly! It’s even really good, even enjoyed alone! So, I would get these treats again!