Mount Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake, British Columbia

I’ve first heard about this place as a hidden gem from my coworkers. They rave about this lake and resort so we decided to come here for an anniversary. It’s beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. When we got there, our room wasn’t ready so we decided to hang out in the Kicking Horse Lounge and it was a day where there were 2 weddings going on. It was fun to watch the wedding party and guests get ready for a night to remember!

This dining room is just off the lobby. To the left is their lounge (which we did enjoy) and to the right is their dining room. It’s a beautiful property, so the ambiance is fantastic for anything really! I love ordering seafood from my mountain cities so it was no exception here. I ordered their Salmon and the Skuna Bay Salmon skin was thin and crispy. The fish was delicate and perfectly cooked, and was accompanied with beets, parsnip, and a carrot slaw.

We also ordered their Ribeye Steak, it was fun as it said it was Alberta Beef! This tender piece of ribeye had potatoes with it and everything was mouth-watering and met up to our expectations.

We don’t always order dessert, and our rule of thumb is if the dinner was tasty enough, and we left room – then we will consider dessert. This day, we ordered dessert and had their White Chocolate Cheesecake which was small, delicate, light and absolutely amazing!

Overall, the ambience and food was amazing. The food was so tasty and with that is the higher price tag. I do think it’s worth it as it was food that needs to be brought in and made to perfection.

Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub – Banff, Alberta

Every so and so, I enjoy entering a random pub just for a snack. This particular day, we went to Rose & Crown in Banff as we walk by here all the time. We finally got to go in and try this little place!

As this is just a snack, it was pretty much just drink and appys. I decided to go for their Philly Spring Rolls which is just as it sounds! Amazing shaved steak with peppers, onions and cheese and it’s deep fried in a spring roll wrap instead of in a bun. This was absolutely delicious and it was a perfect portion size!

My hubby obviously has a different definition of a snack, as he ordered himself a Steak Pot Pie but it’s still not a meal. It doesn’t actually matter though, as we can always eat at a later hour! The pot pie had tons of steak pieces and it was a wonderful pastry that topped the hearty filling.

This place is wonderful! The food was delicious and creative, the prices was decent and to top it off, it’s in my favourite city in Alberta!

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202 Banff Avenue
Banff, Alberta

The Canadian Brewhouse – Calgary, Alberta

We were up north this one weekend for an event. After the event, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some sunshine on a patio somewhere. We ended up at The Canadian Brewhouse in Country Hills. It was a beautiful afternoon, and lots of people were soaking up the sun as we wanted to! Luckily, the parking lots is quite big, even though it shares with many other amenities. You’ll eventually find a spot!

Once I sat down, I actually ordered a girly drink, their Bellini and it was pretty good! The waitress took a long time bringing it out so it was pretty much melted – but if it came right after it was made, I know it would taste amazing!

I was feeling quite festive and “aloha” with the warm beaming sun, so I ordered their Hawaiian Lu Wow pizza, and I know fruits on pizza isn’t for everyone – however, I love pineapples. I like them however they come, so this meal really hit the spot for me.

As it was kind of brunch time, we also ordered their Chicken & Waffles as we were just at an event and wishing the chicken and waffle food truck was there. It wasn’t, so ordering this was the next best thing. It was pretty to look at, and pretty tasty as well!

Overall, we had a fabulous time at the Canadian Brewhouse and we know we will be back! The food was great, atmosphere very good, service was okay, so it was a good time!

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The Canadian Brewhouse

9650 Harvest Hills Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB