Tim Hortons – Pumpkin Spice Timbits

It definitely is fall now, even Tim Hortons is offering their Pumpkin Spice selection such as the Pumpkin Spice Timbits. I really enjoy eating Timbits as much as their donuts, as I can get a variety of flavours if I choose to.

This box, I enjoyed their Honey Cruller and their Pumpkin Spiced Timbits, and it was really fresh. I enjoy the density of the Pumpkin Spiced Timbit, and it really did taste like Pumpkin Cake. It would be kind of neat if it tasted liked Pumpkin Pie, but regardless, it was really good.

The Honey Cruller Timbit is quite like the actual Honey Cruller donut, light, airy and kind of fluffy.

  • Tim Hortons - Timbits
  • Tim Hortons - Timbits
  • Tim Hortons - Pumpkin Spice Timbit

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie

During the time from September 19th to September 25th, 2011 Tim Hortons brought back their annual Smile Cookie where all proceeds from the sale of the Smile Cookie would be donated to local charities, hospitals and community programs.

Sure, these smile cookies aren’t the most attractive, but it was fun to eat a cookie anyway! 🙂 Why not enjoy a little snack and get a little good from it? They’re not as bad as they look! Kids love them, and I love them too!

Tim Hortons - Smile Cookie

Spicy Seaweed Bin Bin Rice Cracker

So I ran into my best friend at T&T not too long ago, and she recommended me Spicy Seaweed flavour for Bin Bin Rice Crackers as she saw I had a pack of originals in my basket. I told her, I didn’t even know they had that flavour… I thought it was just seaweed and coconut… but, I guess it threw me off as the shape was different.

Normally, when I think of Bin Bin Rice Crackers, I think of the peanut shaped rice crackers, and these ones come in “circle” shaped. The narrowness of the peanut shaped ones are easier to eat, but I just break my circles in half.

Bin Bin Rice Crackers - Spicy Seaweed

I really enjoy this spicy flavour, and the kick to it is actually very addictive for me. I just keep eating away, until I’m full, or there’s no more! It’s uncontrollable!

I like how Bin Bin Rice Crackers always has their packs individually packed so it makes it easy to carry around, or pretend to only eat a little bit. Anyway, it’s always good to indulge in snacks once in awhile! 🙂 So, I’m going to go and open a few more packs now!

Bin Bin Rice Crackers Spicy Seaweed

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