Prince Seafood Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

Prince Seafood Restaurant is a pretty decent dim sum restaurant. I would say the dim sum tastes alright, but for it’s price, it’s not cheap either! Sure, it’s not as expensive as some other places, but it’s pretty high for it’s taste and quality!

Price does have some very unique dim sum that I really enjoyed! They have this crispy crepe dish that is really good fresh! I would probably be back for that!

We went just before Chinese New Years, and they had turnip cakes for sale — so, of course I ordered a plate during my dim sum experience first… and I was actually disappointed with it! It tasted burnt, and if you look at the picture… it doesn’t look burnt. So, I never actually got to buy any lo bak gao to take home.

Another really disappointment dish I had was the lau sha bao — which when made, creamy egg yolk would ooze out when you eat it. This one.. it was oozing oil, and a lot of it. It made it really distinguishing to eat.

My overall experience would be decent. I’ll stick to the regular dim sum and be a little bit adventurous at times. But, chances are I won’t be back. For the distance to get here, I would go elsewhere with better quality dim sum. I don’t mind the price tag if it’s actually worth it.

Prince Seafood Restaurant

2825 32 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 250-8880

Joey Tomato’s Crowfoot – Calgary, Alberta

Joeys Crowfoot was a really cozy and trendy place we got to go. The service was great and the staff were really friendly and knowledgeable. The food we ordered, it was really good – there wasn’t anything to complain about, so we like it!

The calamari that we ordered was a pretty large portion, and it was really fresh and crispy, yet light and fluffy. Our waiter did an excellent recommendation with this dish!

We ordered a plate of steak, and one of the sides was a fully loaded mashed crispy mashed potatoes — and it looked like a spring roll, but when you bite into it, it’s the mashed potatoes! It was really good! I could order an entire plate of that!

I enjoyed my ahi tuna club burger, and the tuna was cooked to perfection — all the toppings on this burger really made the experience! The Ahi tuna was grilled rare tuna loin with smoked bacon, red pepper relish, arugula and panko onion rings served with fries.

I highly recommend this location for Joey’s!!

Joey Crowfoot

50 Crowfoot Way NW,
Calgary, AB
(403) 547-5639

Kinjo Sushi & Grill Macleod – Calgary, Alberta

Kinjo Sushi is a place that is well known. It has been in Calgary for many years, and respected by many! I’ve been there twice now, once for lunch, and once for dinner. I personally enjoy the lunch crowd more, as the customers are more business type, and during the evening, it transforms into a family friendly environment.

The fish and seafood isn’t bad, but I do like the special rolls on the menu! The uniqueness is really nice, and they really know how to dress up the plate for the sushi rolls! I enjoy their spicy sushi’s, of any sort. Once you get seated, they do give you a complimentary sampler and that’s always fun and unique!

We always order a lot of sushi as it’s one of my top favourite foods/cuisine. So, we started with some miso soup. It’s a tradition even though I make a darn good one!

My personal favourite is salmon, it’s often a toss up between salmon and tuna for me but I think the butteryness of salmon beats tuna by a hair.

Just to stay fair, we got the Negitoro Sushi which is a tuna sushi!

There’s always something special about a Smoked Salmon Sushi so I had to order that as well. It was pretty delicious!

Since I’m alternating salmon and tuna, I think it’s Tuna Sushi‘s turn to shine. The pieces of tuna was very generous and it had a great taste and texture to it!

Tuna is going to win the night as we ordered more tuna dishes than salmon. We also grabbed an order of Spicy Tuna so officially this evening, spicy tuna wins!

The last thing we got was just a little different, it’s Wagyu Beef Sushi just to try. It’s not bad! I think I’d prefer a steak if this was my path to take. But, if you know me, I’m a meat and potato girl, so don’t mess with a good thing!

This was a fun experience at Kinjo. I think I really enjoyed watching the sushi being prepared for me and all the other guests. But, for whatever reason, my sushi tasted better when I was seated in a booth!

Kinjo Sushi & Grill

7101 Macleod Trl S
Calgary, AB T2H
(403) 255-8998