Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub – Banff, Alberta

Every so and so, I enjoy entering a random pub just for a snack. This particular day, we went to Rose & Crown in Banff as we walk by here all the time. We finally got to go in and try this little place!
As this is just a snack, it was pretty much just drink and appys. I decided to go for their Philly Spring Rolls which is just as it sounds! Amazing shaved steak with peppers, onions and cheese and it's deep fried in a spring roll wrap instead of in a bun. This was absolutely delicious and it was a perfect portion size!
My hubby obviously has a different definition of a snack, as he ordered himself a Steak Pot Pie but it's still not a meal. It doesn't actually matter though, as we can always eat at a later hour! The pot pie had tons of steak pieces and it was a wonderful pastry that topped the hearty filling.
This place is wonderful! The food was delicious and creative, the prices was decent and to top it off, it's in my favourite city in Alberta! Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub‎ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

202 Banff Avenue
Banff, Alberta

Villa Caruso Restaurant – Jasper, Alberta

I needed a nice dinner as I was dragged to an unexpected frozen canyon walk and thought I deserved a nice dinner! No, I have no logic in my mind - but any excuse to have a fancier dinner, I'll make up some sort of excuse! We found ourselves waiting in line at Villa Caruso Restaurant but with the amount of people in line, I had high hopes.
By the time we got in, the service was quite slow but we weren't on any time schedule at all so we had all night. We had a window seat where we watched trains go by, cars get stuck in snow, etc... so, it wasn't a problem!
I knew I wanted seafood and I knew it was good as I was told it was good! So, I ordered their Tuna Steak which was a large piece of tuna, Cajun spiced and delious.
My hubby was super hungry and so he ordered himself a 10oz Prime Rib steak which was fork tender, full of flavour and a great cut of meat! It wasn't fatty or dry.
Overall, we spent a long time here, but the food was worth the wait. They left us alone most the time, but we didn't need anything either! It was a great experience overall!
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Villa Caruso Restaurant

640 Connaught Drive Jasper, AB 780-852-3920

Migarock Korean BBQ – Calgary, Alberta

Our friends apparently have been going to this place for Korean BBQ for years and it's our first time!! They recommended Migarock to us and so here we ate!! It was a cold wintery day when we came, so heat and spice was on the top of our list!
Once we sat down, I knew I needed "Japchae", which they called Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Beef Bulgogi! The portion wasn't the biggest, but it sure was tasty! The texture was perfect as it wasn't hard yet it wasn't soggy! The flavours was quite authentic to me (but what do I know!). The thing I like most is it wasn't full of vegetables!
We then decided we wanted a soup dish, to warm ourselves and we have always enjoyed soup!! Well, more than 50% of this group this day enjoys soup a lot!! We settles for their Spicy Pork Bone Soup and it was super spicy!! When the soup kept boiling down, it just go spicier as well! The flavours were fragrant and amazing, but make sure you like heat with spice! The pork falls right off the bones and that absorbed all the delicious flavours!
Then, the final thing we did was order raw food for their Korean BBQ!! We definitely don't mind getting smoky and smelly to cook our own food! There's the fun in Korean BBQ because of it! We ordered their BBQ Beef Ribs and that beef was so tender and juicy. It was marinated perfectly and even the burnt bits were tasty!
And, of course we ordered the BBQ Beef Bulgogi and that was my favourite thing to go with my rice! I added the Beef Bulgogi with some soup (to tone down the spice) and I ate so much rice! It really was the perfect dinner for a cold day!
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Migarock Korean BBQ

17-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, Alberta 403-452-1020