Namskar Cuisine of India

I love Indian cuisine, and when I heard I was going to go to Namskar – Cuisine of India, I was really happy! Apparently I’ve been there once, but it must’ve been so long ago, I don’t remember it at all! Nothing in there rings a bell, so I will consider it my first time there! This little Indian restaurant is located right on 16th avenue, and it’s a corner location. It offers a few spots in the back which I found it was easiest to park on the streets. Once you walk up to the restaurant, you can smell the Indian spices and curries – you know you’re in for a real treat!

We got in, and instead of ordering my usual mango lassi, I decided to have a nice cup of Chai Tea which has always been one of my favourites. Unfortunately here, their chai wasn’t as strong as I would have hoped for. I like it when it’s creamy and full of spices – but that’s a personal preference. Luckily, their food is really good here!

My pictures didn’t really turn out, but we ordered a bunch of curries, rice and naan. We started with Butter Chicken which was a delicious dish with chunks of chicken pieces in a tomato and cashew sauce. The sauce was really thick, creamy and a hint of sweetness to the spice! For the first time, we also went ahead a tried some Fish Curry which was chunks of Basa fish cooked with fresh vegetables. It was a medium heat dish but came out to be one of my favourites of the evening.

For the spice dishes, we ordered Lamb Vindaloo which of course was lamb. Vindaloo has always been the killer dish for me but they made this sauce really nice – infused with so much flavour and fragrant, the spice was really nice with the lamb. We also had a order of Goat, which I don’t really remember what kind of curry it was in. It didn’t have as much sauce to it, and it was cooked with a lot of vegetables. Regardless, it was a great dish, and I ate a lot of it!

To end the night, we actually took a different spin… we ended with a plate of appeitzers instead of dessert. We had the Namskar Mix Platter which was a great idea to start with. For us, it was too much food as it came with pieces of Veggie Pakoras, paneer pakoras, Fish pakoras, onion bhajia, Veggie samosa, and a piece of lamb samosa. It came on 2 plates, which was great as we had a relatively large group and it made it easy to share.

This was a wonderful place to go for dinner. The service was really good, and they kept filling up our glasses with water – as we needed it. This would be a location I would return to for Indian food because I really enjoyed my experience here! This time, I will remember I’ve been here!

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Namskar Cuisine of India

202 16 Ave NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 230-4447

Curbside Grill – Calgary Food Truck

I love visiting food trucks that are parked at Deerfoot Meadows, but this time, I went to Shawnessy, which was okay. We did it to purposely visit Curbside Grill, which is a new food truck that has hit the streets of Calgary offering burgers, sausages and fries.

It was a late lunch, and I must say we were hungry! We ordered a Poutine which was about $6. It was quite expensive, but it was stuffed with french fries and good gravy drizzled all over it. The cheese curds they used are really good too! I like the poutine more than just normal fries that came with my burger combo.

The hamburger combo that we ordered was the Double Cheese with Fries combo – and it also came with a drink for $10. It’s kind of funny, now that I look at the menu that I took a picture of, I don’t think I got my pop. Oh well, it’s not a big deal. The burger itself was pretty delicious, however the bun was crumbly! It didn’t hold the burger with all it’s dressings properly. It felt like where I hold the bun, it crumbled and fell apart. I’m not sure if it’s because the bun has been previously frozen or just a bun that shouldn’t be used to hold such a big burger… or maybe the bun just needed to be warmed up slightly to soften. Regardless, since I was making such a mess trying to hold the bun, I just discarded the bun and ate the burger “as-is”. It was delicious and the meat had lots of juices running throughout!

We also ordered a Bacon Swiss – Sausage on a Bun and this one was interesting! It was a giant sausage in a hot-dog bun, and the sausage was really tasty! I can’t say I could taste the bacon, but the sausage alone was really good! I did add some condiments to my sausage and this was pretty enjoyable!

Overall, the food truck wasn’t bad at all! The food was fast and quite reasonable. Price wise, I think comparable to other food trucks, as the sausage in a bun was $6. I did have fun here, and I think I would definitely change out the hamburger bun as it would make a better experience!

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Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company – Chinook Centre

So, we got up early this year for the Chinook Centre Stampede Breakfast as it was the centennial, and we knew it would be packed! We were right, it was packed – so we lined up and got our breakfast. Afterwards, we wanted a little more, so we popped into Phil and Sebastian that was located inside the mall. It was nice they were opened so early, and I enjoyed a fantastic cup of Hot Chocolate!

It was really nice that the barista did some foam art on the hot chocolate, as they don’t seem to do foam art on hot chocolate – but I was really excited about it! The chocolate was rich and decadent, and it was delicious! Thinking that only lattes get foam art, we ordered a latte as well! Both look fantastic, as you can see!

I find myself only going to Phil and Sebastian only for special occasions, but now I realize that the prices is quite reasonable – it is still a little pricer, but the extra care they take in making your drink to perfection, and the look with the foam art really comes out in the wash! I love a pretty drink, and it never seems to fail here!